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  • xxavatarxx xxavatarxx Jan 29, 2013 1:08 PM Flag


    Raybans your on Ingore.
    Do you get up every morning, hit the mad dog 20/20, then decide to use the AGNC stock forum as your soap box?

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    • No, I have truly seen the error of my ways and have decided to become a high priest for the orthodox liberal cause. The seminary of my choosing will be University of California Berkley. I will thrash my back daily with thorns to scourge myself of any semblance conservative thinking that still remains. I seek to recruit a following and we will call ourselves the flagellants. Anyone who makes enough to pay taxes will be allowed to join however they will be treated with suspicion and will only have restricted access to the elite and all knowing members who must be unemployed as they are too busy meditating to work. These elite members will live off of the good deeds and graces of the lower tax paying members. This is how these lower members will redeem themselves for shellfish acts they have performed in the past. And if they work hard they can become unemployed and elite members as well. When they enter the presence of an elect member they must kneel and say “Blessed is Obama, the giver of all that is good.” And when tapped on the shoulder they can then stand but must keep their eyes cast down as a show of respect to their all knowing elders. All will carry the little red book called “The True Path” by Obama, and will be expected to recite if upon demand. Anyone who fails at this will have to go back to paying taxes and be disgraced by the association of being called “a tax payer”, which is the most severe form or reticule the sect can delve out. After such an episode one must pray to Obama’s image while knelling on course gravel while chanting “socialism is good, socialism is good, I promise to be a good socialist.”

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