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  • ray858945 ray858945 Jan 27, 2013 1:15 PM Flag


    As another sign of improved housing prices and health of the technology world, a home just sold in Woodside, CA [Silicon Valley] for $117,500,000 according to today's newspaper. That broke the old record here of $100,000,000 in Los Altos Hill, CA. We're booming around here; I hope things are doing as well elsewhere.

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    • We should burn him at the stake first, and then take all his money and use it for healthcare for people who pay no taxes because it is fair. After all, he probably cheated on his taxes anyway and thus deserves no better. He would never have made any of his money had it not been for the back breaking work of the people who pay no taxes.

      We should also make sure his children don't get a dime of it. Better yet, his children should be removed at birth and traded with children from poor neighborhoods. That way we can solve this wealth problem once and for all. We will breed it out of them.

      And if they try to move to another country we will take all their money from them just like what Hitler did to the Jews who tried to leave Germany in the 1930s. What a progressive thinking guy that Hitler was. And he was a socialist to boot. There was a guy who knew how to nip these problems in the bud. Clearly the ends will justify the means.

      And when we are done we will have a master race of poor people who pay no taxes. They will be of pure blood. And deserving.

      We should probably re-educate the wealthy as well. We will teach them the blessings of orthodox liberalism. We can put them together in large rooms where they will chant liberal ideology in methodical tones while proctors walk between them carrying canisters of burning incense so that they can achieve an enlightened state of mind. Anyone who does not comply will be punished until they submit to the cause. Those who graduate will be given a certificate of political correctness which they can use as a letter of reference when they apply for a job. Embedded inside them will be a device that shocks them into submission if they turn their TV channel to fox news.

      We can eventually solve this wealth problem if we put our minds to it. United we can prevail.

    • "a home just sold in Woodside, CA [Silicon Valley] for $117,500,000.....I hope things are doing as well elsewhere"



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