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  • arwen_imaginary arwen_imaginary Feb 1, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    i'm a lucky man....

    buying properties is an investment. I have a kate upton look alike don,t need no pet, now go back to that fat turd you call wifey.

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    • “I have a kate upton look alike don,t need no pet,”
      Oh sure, they all look great on ring-day.

      In 18 months, she’ll be pregnant with her second. You’ll be in the basement because her mom will be upstairs with your uncle-in-law enjoying that panoramic view.

    • That was beneath you Arwen. Congrats on your engagement and purchase, in that order...;-)

      I enjoyed your original post as I have been interested in visiting Argentina for years. When I question world travelers they invariably list Argentina(Southern lake region) as one of their top picks for beauty. Is it in this region where you purchased?

      We talk about square foot apts here in the States, which real quickly means a 1000 sq foot apt equals about 93 square meters, costing $186,000 dollars(did I get your meaning right?), which, for your view, sounds like quite the deal.

      May I inquire, the general city/town location and the age of the apt complex? I am interested...

      I think their was a lot of jealousy, which I found quite amusing, in "all" of the replies to your post, so far...;-)

      BTW, for the older male partner I hear the "Blue Pill" can be purchased inexpensively from Canada in bulk...;-)


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      • Doc , you are obviously one of the brightest minds here, but more important you are showing to be a good person.
        I paid 280 por 140 square meters.. The same apartment next door is going for 30 percent over that. The apartment is new , includes a garage and a spa in the building. The country is in a currency crisis......only currency crashing against the dollar right now..opportunities to be
        Google earth Bariloche.

        As for the blue pill, i'm 44 ( i look 35) with add, people with add ususally have extreme resistance....i have been a sports professional for 20 years...and in top shape.. don't really need anything with my bomshell....

      • Doc, I'm French, i live in Argentina.
        Soccer is the only sport where they UNDERPERFORM, considering the population and financial means of the country they are not to bad at all at,tennis,golf, , rugby as examples. I do see them winning the next football world cup.
        I ski professionally , apart from that i .. snowboard,wakeboard,windsurf,fish,paddleboard,surf,mountain bike, play tennis,play golf ,play waterpolo.
        Yes, you get a tour when you come.

      • Doc -
        You have such a sensible approach to life that I'm surprised you keep showing up here.
        Best -

      • At the turn of the 20th century Argentina had the second largest economy in the western hemisphere and it might have surpassed the economy of the US had they not decided to elect people who started to drain the economy to pay for social programs after which they went from being an economic juggernaut to a burned out has been. Argentina is one of the classical examples of how not to run your government. But of course they will never figure this out because they would have to admit that they were wrong and it is unlikely that they will ever do that because they are too busy blaming others for the problems they inflicted upon themselves. Thus they will in all likelihood remain a broken economy until the end of time. I don’t feel sorry for them because they did it to themselves. But it should be a lesson for the rest of the world to heed.

    • You are... "The most un-interesting man in the world."

    • Arwin Why waste time typing when you could be boinking the babe?. What the legal boinking age in Argentina? 12 years old !!!
      Maby you are "over the hill " and just dreaming !!!!

    • If that was meant for me__I would say 'Ouch'__but the love of my life is in a niche (spelling?)

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