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  • rwh4fshg rwh4fshg Feb 6, 2013 6:14 PM Flag

    First time need a little help

    Great advice from the experience and talent represented on this board. I dont post much, just when there might be something useful to pass along. I too took a finance/economics course in college in 1981. I piqued my interest, but not enough to start investing, I suppose I figured at that time, since I was determined to do a 20 yr career in the USARMY, that I didnt need to invest because they would provide my pension. Well, 15 or so years later, I saw the flaw in that thinking and began trading and investing in 1996. It was really only a hobby of sorts til about 2005, then I got really serious. I have read dozens of trading books over the years, but only a few have actually resonated by getting me serious and interested and changed my way of thinking. One book in particular, 'Trade your way to Financial Freedom' by Dr Van Tharp, it essentially changed the game for me. And for those who follow Dr Tharp, he has a new book soon to be released in mid FEB called 'Trading beyond the Matrix: The Red Pill for Traders and Investors' that will probably top them all as it will delve in the self transformation of the person in regard to their trading beliefs and concepts. If you are interested, like to read and got a few minutes, check it out on Amazon.

    Also, thanks again to all on this board for sharing your time, knowledge and advice. It cant be said enough...Its much appreciated!!

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