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  • mmichaelr mmichaelr Feb 6, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    Currency Wars

    I did not confirm anything beyond__that it was a policy to try to lower the $'s value. READ: that is it__everything else is your BS conjecture. Do not try and use my words as support for your bias.

    I did not have to read past 2/3 of your first paragraph to realize you do not understand International Central Banking and what influences the Forex markets. I have been trading in the Forex markets for over 25 years. It is not an automatic that an increase in the money supply influences the currency valuation; otherwise we could all easily make a fortune trading currencies.

    You should be able to think that through by just reading/thinking about the relationship btwn out Treasury and the FED and when/how money enters the monetary base and when it is held outside. In the US our Treasury has an account with the FED. Treasury deposits are outside the reserve system and therefore outside the monetary base. Our Treasury also has an account with every trading partner Central Bank in the world. Ever hear of Eurodollars and the TED spread trade? Those deposits are also outside of monetary bases until they are purposely injected. Why do you think after all the global money supply increases__core inflation remains low.

    Procedurally most central banks operate similarly. I could take the time to explain it but______what is the use. You will just be wasting internet resources posting more biased attempts at logic against Obama’s admin in a day or so. ‘The next time you need your fix’!

    Look__I absolutely hate this president__that is right ‘hate’. I did not like W.J. Clinton but I believed in his heart he had US interests ahead. With Obama_I believe he does not. But to suggest that he does not understand what his policies are doing is under-estimating him. We have him for four years. All the posting about him is not going to change the trend.

    Get a pet to complain to or move to the Govt&Politics msg board___but please_please give it a rest!!!!!!!!!!!!

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