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  • raybans2 raybans2 Feb 8, 2013 12:19 PM Flag

    Is AAPL a buy?

    Just look at their ballance sheet. Their current assets plus long term investments is $150 billion. Their net income is $41 billion a year. Their forward PE is 9.36. Their PEG is 0.52. They have a 2.3% dividend yield. They are projected to grow 19% a year. What is not to like?

    I'm in. First time I bought less than 100 shares of anything in years.

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    • Apple is undervalued at present prices so, of course, I am in. Also, the tech sector is my speciality for investing and I have alot of tech stocks but I don't chase the overpriced highflyers. Einhorn does the type of value investing that I try to emulate and he's now lit a fire under AAPL management to do something so the likelihood is good that in a couple a weeks they will announce a large stock buyback and a dividend increase. He's been a long term holder of AAPL so he's not like some of these managers who are in and out before you can wink an eye. Also, if you had followed Einhorn (and I) into STX, you would made a ton of money. He initially bought it at $16.60 in summer 2011. He added to his position when STX dropped below $24 last summer because earnings continued to improve and STX is very shareholder friendly. Anyway, the stock is now above $35, a double in less than two years and a 50% price change in 6 months (plus a good dividend).

    • Yes. When a major sh sues the company for not distributing enough cash to shs, the result almost always helps the stock price short term. Factor in recent plunge down, current position of Aapl in the market, I predict $50+ gain in the next month.

    • I wouldn't touch them at this rediculous price. I can afford much better dividend producing stock, and not be tied up in this single stock. It always seems people do more gambling on this stock, then realizing steadier gains on $20 to $35 stocks. And this way you get to diversify.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Mr.Einhorn does not overplay his hand like Mr.Ackman for example. Usually investors sell off when Mr.Einhorn asks a question or clears his throat,but i dont think AAPL investors will abandon ship whatever the outcome. Some Preferred or high Dividend might make AAPL be prescieved as more of a value stock. Personally i have no plans to invest in any Computer or Cell phone manufacturer except as a short term trade. EMC and QCOM are the only high teck stocks that i have under consideration at this time.

    • They're talking about issuing preferred shares, but aren't saying a damn thing about their constitution or how they'll be issued.

      Will they be sold in an IPO, will they be granted to shareholders, will they be privately placed (good luck with that one)?

      I think they should buck up and give a fat special dividend. They're sitting on something north of $130/share in cash. Reward shareholders (of which I'm not actually one) for pressing their noses against the vault window (some at $700 a pop) for so long.

    • Ray,
      I also like Apple. However, Einhorn is circling. A good rule of thumb is to be on his side and
      not against him.

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