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  • channelcat57 channelcat57 Feb 11, 2013 12:32 AM Flag

    love them catholic butterflies

    nice thick ankles...

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    • I have never heard this term so I haven't a clue to what you are alluding to.

    • I remember we were all terriffied of the nuns who would bend us over a desk and whack butt with yardstick, rapp knucles with a ruler, or force feed us brown soap if we spoke out of turn!
      I did get really good grades primarily because I was too scared not to!

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      • I agree Ron! When I attended Jesuit H.S. they made my parents sign a waver allowing the priests to beat the S out of us(seriously). The year before I attended they switched from a sawed down the middle(sagittal section or plane) baseball bat to a 2 inch razor strap. They had put a young man in the hospital with a broken tail bone from the bat the year before(no kidding!)

        Could you imagine those nuns and priests getting away with that today. They also made me sign a contract with my parents that I agreed to do, at minimum, three hours of homework each night including weekends. It is no wonder we learned and got into the best colleges. My Freshman year at college was a breeze.

        My receptionists/techs were discussing how terrible it was that the schools made their children do homework at all presently...ANY...I just listened in unbelief as they described the terrible burden upon their kids to do 30 minutes of work at home. They thought that homework should be done in the schoolroom, in order to allow the poor kids to have a break at night.

        At that moment I had further evidence to solve the mystery (to me) of why, when I ask my graduating seniors(as patients) what they will do now after graduation, an incredible high number say, "I don't know"...and you know what?...They don't.... solving the dilemma to our future society's genius:

        1)parental guidance
        2)Motivation and determination on the part of the student(again key with parental guidance and persuasion)
        3)study, study, study(parental motivation and guidance)
        4) see number 1

        Hey, If they want to be a mechanic or a farmer or join the military, no problem. Parents should guide here also, helping the child work out what they might want to do with their lives.

        I am mainly talking about the many, many students who lack all of the four above and just don't know what to do after H.S. Often they are from single parent households and I get it. Parent(s) need to still encourage their kids to be motivated to determine what they want to do, so we don't have this backlog of kids on the door steps of the social net.

        Well that is one of my high horses. I get so upset seeing these great kids with no guidance from anyone and just drifting after H.S. There are plenty of kids just the opposite, but I am focusing on this increasing number who are clueless of what to do with their lives.

        Example, IMO, of what to do as a parent. I am ready for the flames...;-) You had a ring side seat of watching your child grow. You went to all of the PTA mtgs and watched them from the ABC's through Biology and Calculus. You talked with them, cried with them , laughed with them, and grew to understand their talents, strengths and weaknesses.

        Now they come to you and ask what should I do with my life? Tough question. It is their life and you don't want to force them to do what you want but their strengths are a part of your learning also and they deserve your opinion on the matter. Not just, "Oh you will figure it out". That is the common response. I say BS.

        My last child was very specific. She wanted a job she could not be fired from. I laughed and told her that narrowed greatly the possibilities. We looked in the want adds and saw that 75% of the "wanted" jobs were in health care. Her "likes" were in the sciences, so it was a broad choice, from MD to occupational therapist to a Podiatrist to Nurse or Pharmacist.

        I showed her what each job entailed and she crossed out the 'No's" and circled the "maybes". I took her to shadow the practioners in the "maybes" so she could get an idea of their jobs and after research on her part she chose one, with another as a fall back if she doesn't get into the school. It was a great experience for all of us. I did the same for all of my children.

        I know most of those reading have probably done the same for your kids too. It just troubles me greatly that these other kids don't get the same opportunity because of a lack of the four principles I described. I am concerned for our future...but ask will hear most often..."Oh, it will all work out"...maybe Buffet is right...Me, I wonder how it will "work out" with out the "work"..;-)



    • Nope...girls were forbidden to wear patent leather. Boys wore mirrors...never would have had to been there...;-)


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