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  • raybans2 raybans2 Feb 11, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    I suspect that everyone has heard about the Dorner manhunt

    He was an ex LAPD police officer who was fired and wrote a manifesto that he was going to kill those who wronged him and then went out killing people, one of them the daughter of someone who begrudged him. Last week two LAPD detectives were in Torrance CA, a few miles from my neighborhood, guarding a house of one of the people that Dorner was out to kill. Two Hispanic women in a pickup truck drove up to the front of the house to deliver the paper and were fired upon with 30 rounds and both received gunshot wounds. Dorner was reported to be driving a Nissan pickup truck and this truck was a Toyota but not the same color. The women in the truck ducked down and said that they waited for what seemed to be an eternity for the gun shots to stop. Later the police department reported it as an unfortunate accident. The word incompetence was never used. I have not heard of any suspensions. I can imagine that the police union saw to that.

    Is it me or does anyone else think that if they are hiring people of this low of IQ that we are probably paying them way more than we should be? Dorner is a 270 lb African American male and is reported to be alone. This implied that they simply started to shoot at anything that looked vaguely like the truck he was reported to be driving without even seeing who was inside. Clearly the two Hispanic women had not shot at them first. Probably the most threatening thing they did was throw a paper on the drive way.

    Also about the same time, also in Torrance, someone in a truck similar to Dorner’s was pulled over and the police advised him to leave the city and to stop driving that vehicle until the manhunt was over. As they advised he proceeded to go home but before he could make it two police officers opened fired on his truck but in this case he was not shot. They just started firing at this truck unprovoked. Clearly they need to start vetting our local police more carefully for intelligence. I suspect that this is what happens when you allow nepotism. You get the kids of fathers that would never have made the cut otherwise.

    If you live in the area and normally drive a pickup truck I suggest that you stay out of Torrance. It is currently not safe for you here. The police are shooting first and then checking to see if they were shooting at the right guy. I feel safe in my Prius Sedan. Also the bad reputation that the Torrance police have has kept the gangs out of our city. They know to stay away. Usually the police pull them over and talk to them for hours, taking shifts, and then they let them go. But knowing that they will waste an entire afternoon being talked on the side of the road has encouraged them to avoid the city altogether. I can live with that. But I can’t live with the recent policy of shoot first and ask questions later. They don't even look at you first. All you have to be doing is driving a vehicle that fits the description.

    The police bought the two women a new truck. Surely they jest.

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    • Dorner was just recently classified as a domestic terrorist. What I think this means is that it is now legal to take him out with a drone missile strike. Of course from a few miles up it might be hard to tell if it is Dorner or not but that doesn't seem to concern anyone as of late.

      I may not like Obama's social agenda but he has become quite the assassin. They should write another sequel to the Dune series with him being one of the scheming Tlelaxu masters with poison darts hidden in his sleeves that he use to take out opposing leaders during what were thought to be peaceful negotiations. Of course killing someone outright is not torture so it’s OK. At least that seems to be the new logic as I understand it. You have to love this man. I mean what he can convince people to accept as being OK does indicate an innate talent not seen in a politician for many years, maybe a century.

    • lets get to Torrance and get me a pick up and a vest !!

      I won't be settling for a pick up truck but their jobs and then some...the mayor should be stepping down.

    • that first paragraph you wrote should tell you, keep wronging a man, he will demand justice...

      extrapolate to keep wronging a nation and that nation will demand the heads of its tyrants on a spike.....

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      • It is Dorner's opinion that he was wronged. Why did he wait 2 weeks after the incident to report it? The alleged kicking was done by a female training officer (Dorner's trainer) who grappled with a wheel chair bound person who was not cooperating. Two hotel employees (the Double Tree in San Pedro California) testified no kicking occurred as well as a Los Angels Port police man. There were no injuries on the man consistent with kicking. The training offocer was about to file an evaluation of Dorner (coincidently two weeks after the incident) redressing him and saying he had to improve in areas including common sense and good judgement. Dorner was upset and initiated the kicking charge (two weeks after the fact). Who do you believe? Watch out for demands of heads of tyrants on a spike, the real tyrants will then be in charge.

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    • Well you did make it more than the two days mmichaelr suggesting it would take for you to post a biased thread. Too bad it did not last longer. You must have way too much money to not concentrate more on investing. Oh I just made a biased supposition. Sorry

    • I also live in Torrance. Ray did not mention:
      o - that a high ranking LAPD officer lived there (police were staked out)
      o - the truck was running without headlights (it was early morning)
      o - there was a report that a truck answering the description of Dorner's vehicle had exited the freeway in that area.
      Police do make mistakes and they have their problems, but they are the thin veneer that prevents complete chaos. I am very thankful for the Torrance Police even though I have had a problem with them.

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      • Dornor had a different kind of truck and it was a different color. Why didn't they wait for him to exit the truck so that he could be identified. If they had just waited a few seconds longer the paper deliver people would have driven by and there would have been no incident. Who assumes that someone you cannot even see is a suspect? Who is that lame? These delivery people usually are in front of a home for only a few seconds. I see them drive by all the time. Usually they don't even stop. As they drive by someone throws a paper out the passenger window. I can hardly imagine that the detectives had time to think. They just started firing. Who does that?

    • Ray your post caused me great distress. The poor marksmanship and target acquisition of police needs to be investigated. Too much resources on diversity training may be the problem.

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      • With 30 rounds in the truck and with many rounds that must have missed, I can only imagined that they used multiple clips, maybe 3 each. At least that would explain why the people in the truck commented on how long it took. I can only imagine what they must have thought when they finally walked up to the truck and saw two terrified bleeding woman inside instead of Dorner. They must have felt pretty smart then. And if there was a house on the other side of the truck I think it must have been riddled with bullets as well. It is a good thing no one in the surrounding neighborhood was shot as well. But then it wasn't their neighborhood so I guess that wasn't an issue for them. Torrance requires that everyone in their police force live in Torrance so that they are protecting their own neighborhood. But these to guys were LAPD detectives so it is not clear where they were from. I can only suspect that it was not Torrance.

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    • "But knowing that they will waste an entire afternoon being talked on the side of the road has encouraged them to avoid the city altogether. I can live with that. But I can’t live with the recent policy of shoot first and ask questions later. They don't even look at you first. All you have to be doing is driving a vehicle that fits the description."

      Ray, one thing guys like you will never understand, the rights you take from others will eventually be taken from you. Good luck with the Torrance police, who you approve of when they stomp others people rights.

      The cliches and stereotypes you hang around others will be hung around you.

      • 1 Reply to herexhear
      • The gang bangers only get pulled over when they advertise themselves by the way they dress. How else can the police tell who they are? The people who live in the neighborhoods where these people come from pray that their police acted like our police. These people live in terror and their doors and windows have bars on them. We don't need bars on our windows and you can walk on the street in the middle of the night without fear. But as you say, in those neighborhoods where they live the rights of gang bangers are better respected and less respected where we live. Ask anyone who lives in my neighborhood if they care. Even the liberals don't care about this. You know this because they never make an issue of it even though they very well could. Everyone knows how our police treat the gang bangers. We have a mixed ethnicity police force. It is not a racial issue at all. However, if respecting a hostile gang banger is what you like to do I suggest you live in one of their neighborhoods and if you do then I say good luck with that. See how well your attitude comes off there. I would pay good money to see you go up to one of these gang bangers with one of your critical remarks. It would probably be the last thing you ever said. But hey, they have rights don’t they?

    • It is hard to imagine any organization more incompetent than the LAPD.

      Some years ago, a town in New England made news because they had an IQ cutoff for new hires. If a candidate had an IQ HIGHER than the cutoff, he was disqualified. The town claimed it was because they found that i intelligent cops dropped out of the job at higher rates because the work was too boring.

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