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  • iranianenrichedfuel iranianenrichedfuel Feb 13, 2013 8:54 AM Flag

    These idiots never stop....

    Motley and ALPHA never stop with their beating up on REITs....seems like every week they write some more doomsday scenarios about the divvys being crushed by the rising interest rate monster or the repayment dragon or #$%$ from QE3....geeesh! Gimme a break!

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    • ..."idiots never stop"...
      and there's no shortage of them.

    • Yesterday the dooms dayers were predicting that the market would crash after Obama's speech last night. I mean really. How much worse can Obama make it than it already is? It seems to me that the economy is running on its own momentum irrespective of what the Federal government is doing.

      I think the biggest problem we have now is that our economy's size is based on a trillion dollars of deficit spending by the Federal government and that in order to reduce the deficit we will invariably have to reduce the size of the economy which will put us into a recession. Am I concerned about having to live though this pain in the near future? Not really because I’m 100% certain that Obama has no intension of fixing the deficit. He’s not even going to try. Obama’s plan is to have our children pay for today’s deficits by smothering us with debt. I’m 100% concerned that Obama will not make any of the hard decisions that would be required to solve today’s deficit problems. And thus there is no reason for the stock market to get spooked. Look at the VIX. It is at historical lows.

      Now if companies start reporting lower earnings and then losses that would be another matter all together. But they aren’t doing that right now. What they see is a president that will spend with abandon and they will run their businesses as if that is going to continue.

      And Obama will continue his spend orgy undeterred because his supports are behind him 100% and coming up with arguments as to why deficit spending is OK and even moral. And why do they do that? Well, because Obama’s way. Why else would they do that? It makes absolutely no sense to think such things otherwise. Just look at how they thought about it before Obama. Watching them do this is kind of entertaining when you think about it if you can forget about the long term damage that is being done. However that is the real crux of problem. It really isn’t funny when you seriously think about it from the long term perspective. From that perspective is rather frightening.

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      • You are obviously a GEORGE BUSH GUY. You insult the sitting PRESIDENT. The market is at record highs. Allowing the big banks to re-hydrate the Trillions stolen during the BUSHES REIGN.
        the deficit became a HUGE problem way before Mr. Obama. Greenspan, Chris Cox and Hank paulsen....Went before Congress to set this stage of Ridiculous leverage. I'm not poitical. Don't play that game. It's a circus for blamers. The facts are Obama has no choice. You obviously have never been self employed. I've owned over 30 small businesses. You cannot pull life support at this time. Depression era history proves that. We are the biggest economy on the planet. We are the safest markets. And the cutting edge innovators. I wish The prez had the jewels to really spend. AS IN...50 trillion into infrastructure, bullet re-build. Create global wealth and a great COUNTRY IS WAY BETTER OFF with debt. than deterioration. Who will pay. Every country on this planet will want those bonds. End the wars. Change drug laws. REbuild AMERICA. We are number 1. Yet lag in every important metric. And we are way better off today than 5 years ago!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • You just cannot resist. You just cannot keep from blaming the 'Spender-In-Chief' for our woes. Yes I did capitalize that label. Even a loser [economic literacy] that is re-elected earns a muted respect.

      • Wall Street is addicted to Obama,s easy money. Main Street dont "feel the love".

    • Why do you read old Seeking/Mötley ? Try reading only WSJ, Barron's, Fidelity website and the AGNC message board. You will have a better vantage point and make more money. In my opinion the Agnc and the HRB (for tax questions) are the best.

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