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  • zer0t0l zer0t0l Feb 14, 2013 9:27 PM Flag

    message board downgrade

    in a futile attempt to "get fancy" yahoo has again demonstrated their incompetance. In order to "roll out" a supposed upgrade, trials of the upgrade should be offered. Opinions of the solicitors should be of prime importance. Apparently 'tests' or trials were offered on only Yahoo and Appl boards. What about the plurality ? The rest of us? AND what is this with this ultra weak keyboard entry print? Is this also an upgrade? I need coke bottle glasses to read my own entries.

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    • Everyone should hit their "Abuse Function" on all of this cretin's posts.
      Stick to stock discussion.
      That's all.

    • I couldn't agree more - these MB have gone from bad to horrible.
      Best -

    • They keep losing post. I know this because I get emails from Yahoo telling me that someone replied to one of my post. I go to the message board and can't find it. On the main board it says that there are 30 replies to a post but then when you open it up there are 10.

      My guess is that yahoo has outsourced their entire software effort to India and this is what we can now expect. I read an article on Indian schools and the cheating there is rampant. I don't think is wise to hire someone who graduated from an Indian school. In all likelihood their grades are no reflection of how well they actually did. Maybe a few of their top notch schools are exceptions however I don’t know if even that is true. It is sad in a way. It would have been nice to see Indian make progress but now the cheating will cause them to remain second rate.

      Maybe that is a good thing. It will be less competition for us. But then, when I see what is coming out of US schools maybe not. I guess they feel that they need to lower the requirements so a more diversified population of people can pass the test. The only problem is that I don’t think that China needs to do this. And Europe has kept up their standards as well. Maybe the solution is to start sending our kids to European schools. That is what we did with our daughter. They can make college free but if they are offering #$%$ you will just be wasting your time anyway.

      And what’s with only showing two lines of what you type? I now just go to word immediately and then paste it to yahoo as the yahoo editor is too difficult to be bothered with.

      Sentiment: Hold

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