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  • herexhear herexhear Feb 21, 2013 8:31 PM Flag

    Board psycho

    Messageboards attract people with mental issues. Someone With such issues misses me so much, he has created multiple aliases to carry on where I disengaged.

    These twisted individuals destroy boards with noise.

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    • I thought it was you trying to deceive the board into thinking that there are more liberal minds than yours? My mistake, and I apologize for having such baseless and demeaning thoughts. In the future I will refrain from imagining that you are stalking the board with covert nicks posing as a madman. I realize now that this was uncalled for and wrong on my part. You have my heartfelt apologies.

    • Slowly read....;-)

    • Help! I can't fing the "ignore user" button anymore and all the rants are making this board unusable. How does one go about adding someone to your ignore list now?

    • niteowl2 Feb 22, 2013 1:44 AM Flag

      Don't you see now what they are really like? Ask yourself this. Who with a sincere desire to do what is best for the common good acts like this. This is what a hostile parasite acts like when they feel threatened and feel they need to go offensive to defend something. Defend what? What are they trying not to lose? It is a survival reaction. This is something that people do in defense of themselves but not for the sake of others. Altruistic people who have kind intensions for others don't act like this. This is what a person acts like then they are out for number one. These people believe that they can intimidate others to be their allies but all they do is get people to realize what they are really like. Which is self interested parasites. All these catch phases they use to get people to believe that their intensions are good are a scam. If you want to know what they really have in their hearts just read what has been said on this board recently and I think you will understand. I don't have to put them down because they did it to themselves. Out of frustration they opened themselves up for everyone to see and thus the false pretenses have been exposed. People may try to paint these people as something better than they are but as you can see this is what they really are like which is people trying to get as much for themselves as they can at the expense of others and nothing more.

      The fact that they act like this is good thing. People need to see this. Let the truth be exposed.

    • Yes i agree that raybans and doc are just whacked. Pages of political rants and personal e-mail krap. Just ruins it for the serious investor or intellect. yes their is too much angry old white man republican noise on a stock mb. I agree.

      Sentiment: Hold

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