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  • reits_r_us reits_r_us Feb 22, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    OT.....Pretty Interesting

    As a psychologist it is fascinating to me that these board "Tantrum Children" who flail and wail literally crying for attention almost always, whether here or BAC(ugly) or BMY or wherever, make their attacks on establishment authority. The Republicans , right or wrong, have , for years, been considered " the establishment", hence the "I hate Republicans" and anyone who mirrors " right speak". They flail against that also..."the right" which drives them crazy..the term, that is....since it connotes the notion that they are..."correct or right" that is...

    I couldn't stand Bush either, and I thought Clinton a genius in Fiscal matters(not fistful matters...;-)), but that is digressing. I don't care what you believe, my point is using what you believe as a literal bully pulpit to bash others, ironically and IMO, comically, exactly what the "Child" accuses his opponents of doing.

    A beautiful illustration is the playground child, being the last one picked when "sides" are taken for the game . That feeling of "unfairness" harbor ing within to the present day, as this was just a vignette into the broader picture of their later life.

    Now, those unfair children, grown up, in positions of established authority are still seen as those who slighted that schoolyard child. One of the few ways to "get even"'or receive "justice" is to act out by bullying, shouting, throwing tantrums, aggressive driving or worse(recent school events).

    Once the bully receives enough gratification he will retreat(HxH), and capitulate.....sometimes not. Then they must be dealt with by society in the form of institutional remediation, incarceration, or death, depending upon which country in which the crime occurs, and its severity.

    For this venial behavior the "Ignore" button works well unless he wants to join a civil, non invective dialogue. Initially, that is almost impossible as the " vomit" stage is upon us. Once the invective is spewed up, less vomiting follows as the patient is spent. Slow simmering ensues, at which point disengagement occurs or a more orderly integration to society begins.

    A weak mind is among us. Seeing him as such leads to a more compassionate snapshot into his asocial behavior.


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    • Good thought Doc...... Interesting to me that these same handles are on the penny stock boards. Guess this board is the only way they can play in this end of the market......

    • "not fistful matters..."

      Thanks for that, Doc. It was my Belly laugh of the day.

    • Pretty good analysis, Doc

      A good percentage of adult mal-function is compensation for what we did not get as children. There is productive and effective therapy for it and it is cheap. Mostly an exercise in re-routing the brain and nervous system. It is called EFT developed and promoted by an engineer Gary Craig and an MD named Calahan.
      It is given away free on his website. It is probably the shortest route to becoming an adult, in the Eric Berne sense of the word.

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