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  • turbofever turbofever Mar 8, 2013 1:27 PM Flag

    AGNC price, day after div announcement (historical)

    I'll admit I was a touch disappointed this morning to see AGNC trading notably lower than where yesterday's after-hours trading reached, so I decided to take a quick look at the historical closing prices on the day-after-div-announcement. Here's the #'s for those curious.

    12/14/12 $30.20, 12/17/12 $30.94, +74c, 2.45%
    9/11/12 $35.66, 9/12/12 $35.94, +28c, 0.79%
    6/11/12 $32.90, 6/12/12 $33.27, +37c, 1.12%
    2/06/12 $29.48, 2/7/12 $29.74, +26c, 0.88%
    12/12/11 $28.74, 12/13/11 $28.98, +24c, 0.84%

    First date is div declaration, and the closing price that day (which does NOT take into account the declaration, as the declaration occurs after market close).
    Second date & price is the following trading day & closing price.

    My 02c is that if you throw out Dec 2012 as an outlier, the +19c, +.6% we're at right now (1:14pm EST) is "close enough" to the typical +.8%. The day isn't over yet of course.

    I'd also guess that having a div announcement right on the heels of the SPO could mean added resistance today, possibly some dry powder was already spent recently buying AGNC at discounted SPO pricing, or alternatively, maybe some of those who loaded up at/near SPO prices -- the offering was at $31.34 -- are now selling some shares off for a quick buck (literally).

    Only thing that matters IMO is where AGNC trades next Thurs & Fri :)

    Good luck to the longs!

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