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  • another_flame another_flame Mar 20, 2013 12:27 PM Flag


    Aaahhh phil, you go and call a poster gay. how mature you show it. Not. those posters were having a chat, and here you 2 come to sully the conversation.
    in true tea bagger style. go for their nards. how childish you are. no one was even discussing sexual preference and here you come. it shows your views align with the likes of rush lumbaugh, glenn beck, bill o'reilly, sarah pahlin, and fox news.
    now first, you don't know me. 2nd. I've never mentioned my likes here. 3rd. your feeble attempts to insult me are pure obfuscation. my message must scare you. for you to revert back to your schoolyard ways. i've dealt with bullies. I wore glasses. Oooh but then i grew. Shoe on other foot. so you have zero cerdibility. and your constant sycophantic behavior with your leader, all add up to a very co-dependant poster. which you admit to having no friends. your most honest post. and you post 7 days a week. Even late into the evenings and weekends. now why would a self described successful, mature, wise, know it all such as yourself need to ...grandstand on a message board. I would say....over compensating for your lacking in true male attributes. of course unlike the phoeny doctor. I'm just guessing. i'm no expert in psycho options gamblers seem to have that market cornered. many consider those who play doctor as some of the sickest. I concur. And the lemmings are just duped.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Mr.anotherflame,hgffand all the others. These people at the AGNC message board are undeserving of your company. We would like to invite you to the RSO Message board. You could be with other investors like yourself. Please come to our board and be pals with me fredkane and my bestfriends JR and John. We looks forward to your visit.

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