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  • raybans2 raybans2 Mar 21, 2013 1:36 PM Flag

    I agree with Obama with something

    He is right that there can be no peace without a state for the Palestinians. After all, who was in Palestine in the 1930s before mass immigration changed the demographics. This has nothing to do with the crazies like Iran or Al Qaeda. That is a separate issue. This conflict has been going on since 1947 when the US agreed to simply give Palestine away as if the Palestinians were unimportant. I think the Palestinians have shown the world that they are not unimportant and I think it is clear that they will continue to do so for another 1000 years if need be.

    In the old days you could resolve an injustice that you did to another by making it go away. You simply completely exterminated those that you opposed and that was that. But you cannot do that anymore because the world governments will not allow it. As a result these conflicts require a solution that both sides can live with or they go on forever. Who would agree to live oppressed by another forever? Who would do that? No one would. So the solution is easy. You either kill them all in an act of genocide or you give them a state. Sorry, but there is no grey area solution in this case because opposing religions are involved so assimilation is not an option. It will never happen.

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    • The problem isn't so much that the Palestinians want A state; it's that they specifically want the land that is already occupied by Israel. I fail to see why the Palestinians couldn't be given land in the Sinai, which Israel actually won in the 1967 war. That would give them real estate and access to either an existing (Arish or Sharm-el-Sheik) or to-be-built seaport for commerce. It also seems like a reasonable compromise between the Israelis and the Arab world. As an added safeguard for the canal, some may argue for a DMZ along the immediate waterfront but that's a negotiating point.

    • "" With the Israelis being so unreasonable of late I cannot see why we even stand by them anymore. They have become one of our biggest pains. By allowing these settlements they are looking like nothing more than instigating trouble makers.""

      You really don't know what you are talking about...


    • the people living in that area, an ancient crossroads, have been fighting one another for longer than almost anything has existed. before israel, palestine. before palestine, something else. all the way back to a province of babylon. the land has been occupied by various groups sin=ce writing was invented. they, and their decesndants, all claim it in the name of one deity or other.

      i even think the survivors would fight over a nuclear wasteland.

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      • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Mar 21, 2013 8:17 PM Flag

        We picked a side because we recognized that Israel was a valid country being attacked by what are essentially terrorists. The history of the region, the religion of the participants, and all of the wailing propagada, are irrelevant. Invaders are attempting to destroy our ally, and we're defending it. Because that's the right thing to do.

      • I have no idea why we even picked a side in the Middle East. What makes one side better than the other? They are both stubborn beyond belief. In the most recent history that is relevant to people who are alive today the land was in the possession of the Palestinians. Then it was taken away from them without their consent. I think that concept is pretty simple to understand. So if you want to argue the right and the wrong of it I think the Palestinians win that argument and I think that is why they will never give up, because they have right on their side.

        But I think it is pretty clear that the Israelis are not going to just walk away from it now that they have it. That will never happen. So a compromise is required. And there is no compromise if the Palestinians are under the thumb of the Israelis. I think it is obvious that after 66 years of fighting that the Palestinians won't accept those conditions. They haven't so far so why expect the to accept them in the future? Thus there is no serious peace proposal that does not give the Palestinians a state. And these settlements into the areas that the Palestinians would want to claim as their state is just nuts. Now you have to kick them out to get an accord. So why allow it to begin with? So that peace becomes impossible? I think I know why they do it. It the same reason the Democrats let illegals come into our country so they can gain votes regardless of the negative impact it has on the American worker. The vote count rules and all else goes out the window.

        But these settlements just make an impossible situation even more impossible. It needs to stop. With the Israelis being so unreasonable of late I cannot see why we even stand by them anymore. They have become one of our biggest pains. By allowing these settlements they are looking like nothing more than instigating trouble makers.

    • I agree with Obama on something

      I hate the fact that you cannot edit a post after it is posted.

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