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  • faaqcee faaqcee Mar 22, 2013 2:37 PM Flag

    OT: NMM

    I like NMM as my one of my "fill-ins" between AGNC runs.
    NMM is up almost 2% today.
    I know so are many others, I'm just bringing the fact to light,
    NMM has, in the past few quarters, had very nice run-ups going into the ex-date.
    NMM has yet to declare,
    The concensus says its .4425 dividend(12.25% yield) is safe for this quarter
    and into the foreseeable future.
    NMM breaks 15 this quarter, imo.
    That's close to another 4%.
    Anyone like NMM?
    Anyone Not?

    Go NMM,
    Go AGNC and MTGE,

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    • Foxy ...

      You know I like me some NMM.

      The Prez has said that the divy is safe for the rest of this year, at least. She has been quite conservative, and not prone to hyperbole.

      Still thinking this stock will be $40 in three years with twice the divy. Stock PPS is likely to go up gradually with low volatility.

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      • Foxy ...

        I couldn't get the reply to work for your last post .... oh well.

        I am expecting to hold, yes. I really haven't played the run-ups much on anything .... maybe a couple times with AGNC or MTGE. Mostly, I just take the divvies unless: I lose faith in the stock, or I just gotta take the gain like I did with NTI.

        My strategy is to have a base of high divy stocks [BDC's, MLP's and REIT's] and go in pretty large when I find something that I believe has potential, but even then it has to pay divies 'cause I could be wrong. Last year I went in on MTGE and this year on NTI. I have 30,000 shares of WMC right now 'cause I think there might be $3 - $5 on the table plus the divvies. If I find something better, I can pretty much sell most of the time 'cause I'm already up over a dollar.

      • Thanks for the reply Ray,
        I thought EVERYONE has me on ignore or something.

        While I think NMM does break 20 again,
        I'm not sure when,
        so I'll play the runs for now.
        Low 13s to high 14s(~7.5%) is a nice stipend each quarter.
        Maybe I just might hold some past ex this time around.
        It sounds as though you are going to do the same.

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