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  • arwen_imaginary arwen_imaginary Mar 24, 2013 8:47 AM Flag

    who is li yui 3899 ? karma, docreits.

    Because , that is the error i get whe trying to use reply....
    Don,t want to sound parranoid because it don't really care but , yahoo is failing miserably or i am on a wach list for a while..
    I am convinced companies like facebook , yahoo, apple , are on government(s) payroll..almost ministries i would say.

    Doc reit. I have misunderstood you. I am sorry.

    Don't want to sell the bears skin before killing it....but if i was " to reap the benifits" by the end of the year.. i could make Argentina very "easy and cheap" for you.

    note on ARgentina. The offical exchange is 5.10 , the " blue" dollar gets you 8.50 ,
    basically a defalut like situation = everything becomes cheap in a month. The inflation at 30% cannot follow the rise of the dollar due to dollar restrictions by the pea brain government.

    HUGE opportunities to be made.

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    • What is the situation with foreign ownership of land there? I hear you need permits, title, ins.etc. Uruguay I hear is better politically , although it would be hard to get someplace as beautiful as Patagonia where u r.


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      • to give you a more specific example..
        Bariloche, cerro catedral 100ft from the ski lift, brand new apart hotel top of the line here ,costs $2200 square meter, furnished . At $2000 i am buying .
        you get immediate ownership and percentage of hotel revenues.
        I have seen similar real estAte in Aspen for 10 times that much.

      • Foreign ownership is easy, under a certain amount and within a certain distance from rural areas.
        I lived in Uruguay, it's ok , but kind of like a small Argentinian province.
        Punta del este is the best in Uruguay, beach resort not mountains, probably the safest place in South America, way safer than some hoods in the States for sure. I am waiting for prices to drop there also, punta del este is 70% owned by Argentinians.

    • arwen !! I think everyone is getting the same treatment from Yahoo. But you do probably need to watch what you say about the leadership of the country that you live. They seem to want to move left toward the Cuban utopia. I might consider moving some where else. Its really strange when the countries with the most robust economies are in Easter Europe, Poland for instance.

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      • should of said.
        I would not change Argentina for Poland.

      • I would not change Polland for Argentina , especially Patagonia, for a milion bucks, literally!
        I own two homes here, my mother is 75, so i am kind of all in, i have very easy plan b and c, Uruguay and Chile, the second is one hour drive from here. Chiloe is the PERFECT survival spot, not that i am interested in living such situations. An island off an island off an island...You are all invited , if you make it there.
        Leadership ak, KRistina can eat me and they can move all the way to the far left as they want, i will be waiting, and so will most others..they don,t have the brains or the capacity to " come after me " , i am a foreignor here and last on their list. I have not paid taxes in 25 years here( or ever and anywhere ) yes i pay on real estate and cars but that does not really count..

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