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  • mr.phil2u mr.phil2u Mar 25, 2013 4:02 PM Flag

    Problem answering messages

    The notation you get when a dialog box want open is a HTML code. I found this out by copying the message and Googling it. Try it !!

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    • Mr.phil2u, it is surveillance from his Progressive Left wing Government. I sent them an email and accused him of making a profit without the intension of benefiting all of mankind. I didn't think that this kind of selfishness should go unnoticed. I have decided to join the Argentine SS whose primary job is to keep an eye on such #$%$ and the like. In return I get favors from the government and all kinds of fringe benefits which I deserve for my selfless contribution to the common good. I’m very liberal now and enjoying the good life as a result. I can retire early at 150% of my salary and all I have to do is make up a lot of stuff that puts the people I know under the watchful eye of the Argentine SS, deservingly so, and all for working just 10 hours a week. I consider myself a patriot. BTW, have you made any profits lately?

      Working for the govy is the only way to go. Let the private sector suckers pay the bill, the fools.

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      • They only eat their own when one of their disrespectful peers does not grovel at their feet when receiving condescending feedback for poorly worded ideolog and thus it is well deserved. These ideological vagrants need to be purged from the community (it takes a village) when one recognizes their wavering dedication. This cannot be tolerated and will not be. They are unwelcome less they can show their worthiness to be a tolerable conformist. Remember, free thinking is a disease that can spread among all of us and only strict adherence to the chosen path can be tolerated or there will be a break down of discipline in the ranks. Once it starts to grow it can become contagious. Thus prompt and serve discipline must be applied as need be to keep the them on the chosen path. Remember, this is a war and we shall take no prisoners. Now if we can just get them to give up their guns it will make our job a lot easier.

      • raybans !! One problem in working for a Fascist Progressive organization, they eat their own. One can never be PURE enough for them, life just moves from purge to purge,gulag to gulag. Complete bummer !!

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Mar 25, 2013 4:34 PM Flag

      it's a variable or function name in yahoo's heavily-scripted pages.

      it means they have some misformatted html that is returning the name of the function as though it's text, rather than executing the function.

      it means that Yahoo has hired an especially mentally deficient breed of spider monkey to replace the ones that quit when the Red Queen shouted "off with their telecommuting!"

      of course, yahoo's passive-aggressive behavior towards software repairs means that this problem may not be fixed until web-3.0, which, considering the sulfurous defecation of web-2.0, may never arrive

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