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  • debrich44 debrich44 Mar 27, 2013 11:13 AM Flag

    I Thought This Was An AGNC Board

    Out of the last 20 topics, only 3 were about AGNC. I used to come here for opinions on this stock, but now everyone is posting about a bunch of other stocks. Why not go to those stocks message boards, and leave this one alone.

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    • I agree and it rankles.

    • Most of the OT news here could not be gleaned from the other mb's without several hours of extra searching.
      I have picked up 12 continuing education credits participating here. 3 in options basics, 3 in trying to understand options intermediates[ earning a solid D there] , 3 in the mechanics of secondary offerings, and 3 for understanding that no matter how much I rant for my point of view, I will never change another person's mind.. And then there are the health benefits of a live guffaw in response to the many forms of humor. If I could, I would host and annual pig roast for this crew. No thumbs down though., yours is an honest inquiry, I tell myself.and the resulting discourse helps those who read but do not yet have an ID.

    • Now with my vote in you are down . 4 to 11 thumbs down. That should answer your question... Just be nice..
      and you might learn something.. or just keep quite.. read & learn.. If you do find it necessary to post a message, do it on the McDonald's message board and talk about their bath rooms again..

    • newbie you need read for a while and then maybe post

    • Maybe you can create an "AGNC ONLY" message board were people only talk about AGNC and nothing else. It would be interesting to see how many people post there if at all. You can always make an occasional post to get things started with titles like "Anyone one out there?" or "Why doesn't anyone post on my new message board?" That might get things started or maybe not. One can only try and see.

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Mar 27, 2013 4:55 PM Flag

      AGNC still gets discussed, but it's like the old joke...

      Jeb, a local yout (what's a "yout"?) walked into the country store. A bunch of old folks were sitting in silence around the potbellied stove. Everyone few minutes, one would say a number, and the others would bust out laughing, then the silence would return. Jeb buttonholed the clerk and asked what that was about. The clerk said, they been coming into the store and sitting around that stove for so long they just gave the jokes numbers.

      Same deal here. The stock is pretty well characterized, so the oldbies know what's what and don't feel the need to explain it to each other, while the newbies get fairly terse answers. Leaves a lot of time for other discussions to fill up the space. And there's space, because there's people to listen, and we're all here because we've all learned that the stock is actually a high producer despite the camouflage of the chart.

    • AGNC MB is a Investors Clearinghouse .I have learned from this MB , More than all the others. If you are capable of using new ideas to make some money you might learn to like this MB. This is the MB i use 98% of the time for all investments.

    • Just picked up some CLMT and MAIN.

    • Just skip over the ones that say OT ,put them on ignore if you like.I read this board every day because I've gotten a lot of really good info from it.I learned how to trade options here and actually doubled the money in my new options account this year so far.I also hold AGNC but how much can you talk about one stock every day before you get bored?If you are willing to learn,there is a lot of good info you can pick up from the traders sharing ideas.It's a lot better than any paid service I've ever had ,and it's free! As far as horrible advise,how bad can it be if I doubled my money by using what I've learned here.You just pick and choose the ideas that work for you.

    • Hello debrich44, correct....the facts are a handful of options traders following reits r us....took over on this mb. They give horrible investing advice. they lose money. Lie cheat and steal around this mb. they use this public forum as their personal e-mail and selling options platform. the attempts to correct this and bring their sad deeds to light have gone well. more longs are needed here, however most don't have the time. these pro salesmen are here night and day. 24/7. Even sundays till very late at night. their mission is to suck others into trading their long positions in good top teir, for down the food chain junk. they are not succeeding. in fact this cycle is beating them like a drum. And add comm. And fees or premium to those losses. Doc gives bad advice, and costs anyone who follows them into the rabbit hole. they are pervasive to the point of blocking others views by bumping them off the mb. Silly name calling and basic cyber-bully techniques. But alas...they are losing money as i type. Glty.

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