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  • ray858945 ray858945 Mar 31, 2013 4:43 PM Flag

    OT: Michigan

    My alma mater, The University of Michigan, won the national championship in swimming and diving this weekend, and moved onto the Final Four in basketball. It's good to be Blue.

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    • Congrats Ray,

      I was pulling for MI all the way. Go Big 10 (or 12 or however many in that conference.) I'm a Boilermaker and can root for anyone except ND. In case you didn't know McGary is a Hoosier.


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      • P.S. McGary was rated the #1 player in the country coming out of high school last year until the very end of the season when people thought he had quite a bit to learn, and he dropped a couple of spots. They were right; it took most of this season to get McGary coached up ... but the coaches did a really good job with him.

      • Thanks, Rim. Yeah, Mitch is from Chesterton, IN, and we had another player who graduated last year named Zak Novak who was also from Chesterton. I don't think they played together, but they know each. I don't know if that was instrumental in Mitch coming to Michigan ... Zak is very gung ho Michigan. BTW, he's playing pro ball in the Netherlands now, but got some days off to fly back for the Final Four.

        Next year, we have two kids coming from IN: one from Fishers, and one from Ft. Wayne. Thanks for the support!!

    • Congrats Ray,
      That McGary is an absolute animal!
      I will not have a dog in the fight on Monday.

    • You do realize that as an Ohio State University graduate that I cannot share your enthusiasm without repercussions.

      It is amazing that any of them ever won any games. I used to live in the same apartment complex with some of the OSU foot ball players and they always seemed to be high on something. Actually the guys I lived next to didn't but all their other team mates seemed to. They would come over to our place to pay poker on the weekends and light one joint after another. My roommate and I didn't mind so much because in their mental state of mind they kept losing hands to us. We were actually very happy that they would join the game and encouraged them to smoke all they wanted to. It helped pay for the beer that they drank which was also done to great excess which we also did not mind considering that they ended up paying for it anyway.

      I'm not that much into sports but I did go to one OSU foot ball game because I was given free tickets by one of the players. However I was more interested in watching the emotional state of mind of the people around me than the game. The alumni all seemed pretty clean cut but I felt that in their current state of mind that they were severely aggressive and not to be messed with. If I were to stand up and cheer for Michigan it might have been the death of me. The women looked like they were ready to bite someone's jugular at a moment’s notice however there were occasional times when they seemed to be more calm and civil but this wasn’t the norm. Most of the time they reminded me of savages as if they had landed on some pacific island with head hunters and decided to go native. Not that I have anything against head hunters. I'm sure they are fine people once you get to know them. One can't ignore the benefits of diversity.

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      • RayB ...

        In Ohio, it's not even a crime to do bodily harm to a Michigan fan. If you do it at an OSU - UM game, you don't have to pay state taxes that year. I went to the two OSU - UM football games that took place at Michigan while I was going to school there. That was during the so-called "10 year war" between Michigan's Bo Schemblechler and OSU's Woody Hayes. It was the decade of the 70's, and for 10 straight years, the winner of that game won the Big 10 championship, and always figured into bowl games.

    • I' m big and better at sports betting than stock picking....
      FnL four not my specialty but Michigan looks good here. I ONLY watched about 10 minutes of the entire tournament. Those other wins could and usually are contagious..
      Pro sports ... look how many times a team wins double or triple in a year.

    • The Orange will stomp the Blue's #%$ IF they ever meet on the court.

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      • Walrus ...

        I do have a BA and an MBA from Michigan, but I also spent one year at Syracuse. Me and three other guys hitchhiked from Syracuse to NYC one weekend ... first time I ever saw the Big Apple. I used to have a Syracuse sweatshirt with a little hole right in the middle of the front. when people asked how I got the hole, I would answer, "Gun shot." Long time ago. We used to frequent a bar in Syracuse called the "Big O" where Larry Csonka was the bouncer ... you football fans will know the name. But .... the Orange aren't beating Michigan, and they are playing next weekend.

    • And last survivor of the Big Ten.

    • Ray858945 ! Congratulation . I remember I felt the same way when my Alma Mater Appalachian State played Michigan in Football not long ago.

    • lnhirst Mar 31, 2013 5:17 PM Flag


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