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  • mr.phil2u mr.phil2u Apr 2, 2013 5:44 PM Flag

    OT GLAD question for Doc and all

    Which of the monthly trades most often hit the 3% PPS drop the most often? I plan to start with a smaller position on stock that I would have the most
    chance of doubling my position.

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    • Main and CFP. Remember, doubling your position, through the 3% Rule is not a "good thing", in that it speaks of weakness. Just as GLAD saves from weakness in "Not" allowing entry on consecutive lower lows, the 3% averages down losses to mitigate the same.

      Counter intuitively you want to trade the stocks which hardly ever hit the 3% Rule. Those are FSC and CLM and CRF and ARR. I understand your concern at money management. I trade 1/2 of a position on all and 1/3 position on MAIN.

      I have developed a set of new stops which I have been fine tuning with the help of mmlechair's(sorry about the spelling, but it is your fault for having such a messed up name, Mike) Turtle Traders. I have re-read that foray into much of what I have independently discovered in designing GLAD. I see that the Turtle Traders were using strict stops and I have been designing a similar scenario with a few caveats(the ones mentioned the other day are scrapped).

      I tried mentioning them on another post, but there was no interest and some thumbs down, so I thought the hell with it. The thumbs down people can go...yep...


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      • Doc, Don't worry about the thumb up or down. Remember Bozo can give you 12 in a minute. Many will ridicule what they don't understand. Full speed ahead !!!

      • Doc,

        I think your trading of the SS is a can't lose proposition. I think there is more interest in it than you know. I've thought about posting about this video when you first mentioned them. It may help some people understand trading vs investing. It's on youtube search for "what makes a successful trader" by reefcapital the guy's name is Nick Radge. There are some interesting ideas on risk tolerance, sample size, sample significance how to not trade over your head, length of losing streaks. Probably not much new info for you, but others interested in your ideas might benefit.

        The guy trades a turtle system (momentum based). I don't suggest anyone sign up with him, or not sign up with him. More knowledgeable people may want to start about 24:40 into the video. it's about an hour long from the beginning. I'm not sure if it will make people more or less interested in the SS. Hopefully people don't find it waste of time(that's why I haven't posted it before).

      • Please don't let the Thumbs-Down people stop you from educating the rest of us! We eagerly await the results of your research.... Thanks again for sharing so much.

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