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    many have ruined lives and get a whopping $700 a month with extremely limited medical care. fact.

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    • I did not see the OP on whatever topic this started from. but, from personal experience with my daughter, I can tell you one thing. if you are truly disabled, they can't wait to get you the benefit. we did, and continue to do everything they ask. their paperwork. their doctors. their interviews.

      the ones who are trying to use it as a dodge of some kind, ruin it for everyone who is really in need. so many have started trying it since 2007, that it has become a nightmare. blame the one or the ten who are trying to scam everybody else.

    • ""with extremely limited medical care. fact.""

      This is how you define, "Specious"...look it up. Welfare(medicaid) is among the best health care plans out there. I deal with it as a doctor every day. No wait to get your MRI or CAT scans. Try that on my health care plan I pay 1500/ month on.

      You are changing the argument to suit your pulpit. We are not talking about those who need help...we are talking about those who don't yet defraud the system. Wake up and come to the party instead of "steering" the discussion into something it is not!!


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      • I have very little knowledge of Medicaid but my wife works in the industry that provides care to people in their last years. She talked me into getting long term health care insurance for the two of us because of the care she saw Medicaid patients getting verses those who have private long term health insurance. She said that the people on Medicaid basically get put in death dungeons where they get ignored most of the time. This is the only portal I have into the kind of care you get from the government but from this one view it is very scary and it is one of the major reasons I was so put off by the concept of Obama care. Because it is my belief that things are never better in the future than they are today. It doesn't work that way.

        Some of the people she manages don't have that much money so they run out of the ability to pay for the services that her company provides. At that point they get transferred over to Medicaid. She develops friendly relationships with many of her past clients and thus goes by and visits them occasionally until they die. She says that often times they beg her to see if she can find a way to get them out of their current facility though she is powerless to do so but in their old age they are no longer 100% aware of how these things are done as their mental abilities decline. She also said that once they get admitted to one of these Medicaid facilities that they do not live much longer. She also said that this is probably for the best as they suffer severely.

        However the other Medicaid care may be perfectly fine. All I can say is that if you have reached the age of 50 and have not gotten a private long term health care policy yet, then you might want to consider it. I'm in a position to say that you don't want to get to this age without such a policy. Don't even go there unless you get pleasure from pain.

    • Hgff101,
      No , nobody is saying disabled people just want an easy ride.
      What they are saying is that there are people CLAIMING to be disabled, and can work.
      They just want the easy ride.

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      • I think a concept like this is beyond his ability to comprehend. You are asking him to think beyond his initial flash of realization which is probably expecting more of him than he is capable of doing. I'm sure that HGff101 is capable of doing many things competently such as digging ditches or washing dishes but asking him to understand the difference between a truly disable person who is deserving of aid and a person who is not disable but is ripping off the system is well beyond his abilities. You expect too much. After all, if he could understand this then his comments never would have been made in the first place. You are basically dealing with someone with a below average IQ who has a abundance of ambition to prove otherwise but cannot because he lacks the potential, because if he could you would not be having this conversation to begin with. I’m guessing that in his past that he associated with people similar to him or even below his abilities and this gave him the illusion that he has more on the ball than he does. When in reality he is rather dense, obviously. Of course if he was a kid that would explain some of it as immaturity comes off as being dimwitted. I tend to believe he is just dimwitted. There are a lot of people who can make numerous associations but they are the illogical associations and they just don't realize it because that is beyond their abilities. They give all the appearances of being fast but they are just making random associations quickly. All this means is they probably didn't sniff glue so they have a clear head it is just full of random and meaningless junk. In other words they see a lot of wrong things very clearly.

      • Hey onion,
        Good statement about capable people cheating the system by claiming benefits. The fact is that you omitted to mention that everybody is cheating in a different ways. Rich and better of are cheating on taxes, general population is milking car insurance and medicare. There fore it s not fair to label only one cheater but to blame the system that does not work and one last word:GREED.

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