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  • betterview_thanu betterview_thanu Apr 8, 2013 2:48 PM Flag


    than perhaps more disabled people could be getting enough to live on.

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    • Mental Health Month isn't until May! However, it's OK to check in somewhere before places fill up.

    • BHO has done a fantastic job cleaning up the trickle down mess in real estate. Following Keynes instead of constricting the economy. Ever hear of the multiplier effect? Bush so called budget balancing nearly caused the biggest economic disaster since the great depression.

    • No, Hgff101,
      if the disability fraud would stop, the disabled would have more benifits.
      If medicaid fraud would stop there would better healthcare for the aged.
      If you would stop this board could back to making money.

      stop trolling

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      • Onion, you stink, see a doctor.

      • onion in order to committ disability fruad you have to have help from the medical profession as one can't merely walk up and say they want disability. The medicare fruad is being done again by folks who are medical professionals and who have private co. who are involved in the private sector medical program we have such as insurance co. drug co. and health care provider co.

        The current Governor of Fla. was CEO of a health care co. that was found guilty of fraud in the tune of 3 billion bucks. What did the people of fla do? Elected the guy Governor.

        I think we have disabled minds involved lots of things happening in this country and too often greed is rewarded like in Fla as well as flat out being a low life #$%$ as in Fla. Instead of jail the guy is in the Gov mansion. Why not be a #$%$ the people don't care it seems.

        I have a friend a 48 yr old man who has outlived by 18 years where his doctors first said he would live. His care cost I would guess between 150,000 and 250,000 bucks a year and that is with his mom and dad furnishing care for 12hrs of the day. Is his life worth that? Guess you would have to know him to answer that question but to those that know him the answer would be yes.
        He is ready to die but continues to live and yes it cost a ton of money to keep him alive.

        A recent artlice revealed that Altimers cost more in health care cost than did heart or cancer care.
        If you have ever been around someone in the last 3 months of such a life I do not think the money is well spent at all and I for one would much rather someone slipped me a pill and end the torture to the family. Life and cost and quality of life is the question. If we do not fund health care cost for folks then we better be prepared to see a lot of people die. Old folks, children and all in between.
        It takes money to keep folks alive when they problems. The worse the problem the more the cost.
        If not the Gov then who?

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