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  • varprodlines Apr 18, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

    Please Stop all the B/S on this board....

    Most of you sound like a bunch of babies. Its just plane stupid. Grow up..
    Lets use the board to discuss AGNC..

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    • I gave you a tumms up just because I want you to read this.
      The AGNC board looks clean from my desk because of the judicious use of ignore. The only ones who appear are those who have investing and trading ideas. All else is blocked.
      I hope AGNC stays low until mlp season is over.
      The WMC and MTGE boards are fairly sane too, with use of ignore.

    • varprodlines your post serves no purpose. Learn to use the "IGNORE" feature and put anyone who does not suit you on ignore and your problem is solved. 99% of the BS is from one multilogin Bozo. bowhunterron is spot on with his comments in my opinion.

    • bowhunterron Apr 18, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

      I agree, I have made an effort to distance myself from the political BS and especially the bashing of other posters, but now I have something to say. We have many dedicated investors and traders using this msg brd for what it is designed for. As a place to exchange financial info on AGNC, I am happy to see OT financial info exchanged here as well. There just isnt enough information to keep this brd active with just AGNC info.
      We have some very experienced posters who are willing to share their expertise with this brd. Doc, being the most notable. I am so thankful for their help, I have learned a lot here and made some money from what I have learned here. I hope these experienced people continue to post here. Then, we have some people who seem to have nothing better to do than try to dis-credit other people on this brd, thinking it somehow elevates their status. Look, Nobody is telling you what to do , you decide to push the buy or sell button and you alone are responsible for the out come. GROW UP. This will be my only post on this topic as I wish to get back to what the brd is designed for discussing AGNC and other OTStocks. Bow

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      • Hey Bow,

        Thanks for your post. As you noticed though, it is useless to argue with the insane. We have had critics on AGNC for over four years now, wrongly suggesting that SPO funds are used for the dividend. They have no clue what they are talking about and have one and one only Bash.

        Presenting facts is useless because they don't want to hear facts. Their minds are made up. They are like the neighbors barking dogs. Can you reason with these neighbors dogs? Can you have intelligent conversation with these dogs? If you try to help them understand, will they stop barking?
        Of course not. They have a specific is to be against what you are for.

        We are for AGNC and its management and model. We are the calm voice of reason attested to by the history of AGNC's CA and dividends. They are vehemently against all of these things. He obviously has more time on his hands than any of us as he chokes the MB with his CAP posts screaming his dissension. He is ,most likely , clinically insane you know. He is just like a mad dog biting at your heels as you are trying to walk down the street.

        The only place for him is on "Ignore". He presents himself in these attempted appealing posts with two post histories to draw folks like you "in". Look at the poster's post history before you are drawn in. It is this same Dim One attempting to sound reasonable although his agenda remains the bash and destroy all of those things we enjoy about AGNC.

        A dog, defecating on our lawn....;-)


      • BOW, you say not enough info about AGNC, yet funny thing not one of your buddies over the past few weeks have even mentioned the yeild curve and AGNC. Since that is where profit comes from...Let met add, nor have any of the walking dead posted about the $113million losses last Q and how that will affect div., considering AGNC'S spo was 1/3 proceeds to pay DIV. Since none of the fundamentals about AGNC are ever discussed here. ONLY BUY OPTIONS...SELL PUTS...RUN HERE RUN THERE. AS Philly pointed out, when you make alot of moves, YOU MAKE ALOT OF MISTAKES. THAT IS WHY IT'S A CRUD/+3 SCHEME....JUST A LOSER FOR THE LEMMINGS.. and all cash going to the DICTATOR...REITS R DUMB.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Nice two post history Dim One....

      Your contributions in talking about AGNC are presently zero for two....;-)


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