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  • reikreik reikreik Apr 19, 2013 10:24 AM Flag

    how come the sector sells off and then there is an article about maybe or maybe not changing

    leverage and classification of the mreits - but never any talk at the highs

    and the artcile quotes 3 fed officials - what did they all speak at the same time? so why not report it when one spoke - instead its always in the middle of the divi cycle

    but then get close to the divi and not a darn word and every anaalyst loves these stocks and up they go.

    and thsi story doesnt affect jmi or mitt - both of which seem to be strong - and if you say well those are hybrids so they will do better

    then why is ivr, two, and amtg gettign pummelled.

    or dx and its short duration reset bonds

    hybrids have less leverage - so they would be impacted less but they have sold off worse???

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    • Maybe it's a civics issue, but "federal officials" are not kings or dictators, and they don't get to implement their whims unless granted by a law first. New laws are to be enacted by congress, and there's no evidence of any such bills in congress at this time. I could name the major issues of the day, but I'm sure you already know many of them: a democrat senate shot down the sweeping changes to gun ownership (O got angry), and there are immigration discussions, matters of the federal reserve, budgeting, deficit concerns and the like.

      Nowhere have I seen a sweeping concern for REITs, and I follow the political machinations two to four hours per day, nearly every day.

      Concern over the private sector ownership of real estate falls flat. We've seen what government sector ownership of real estate can lead to. Even Sen Barney Frank wants to unwind those vehicles and begin to privatize them. That's the will of both houses of congress, at this time. Of course REITs should grow, as privatization of the notes takes fruition.

      It would be like writing an article that said "Federal officials want to get rid of the stock market," well now that's just not within their power. They can lobby for it and might be called to testify, and when that happens, we will have an inkling... but for now you should consider "federal officials say" articles as nothing more than another person's authority-less opinion.



    • This article is available on Yahoo finance on 4/17

      optionMONSTER systems detected the purchase of 20,000 May 32 puts for $0.66, above the listed bid price at the time. This is clearly fresh buying, as the open interest in the strike was fewer than 7,000 contracts before the session began.

      Less than a minute later, the largest block of AGNC stock traded (by a factor of 10) as 920,000 shares were bought for $32.10. This combination of puts and stock creates an overall position that is a delta-neutral and long volatility , which means that the trader is looking for a big move up or down in the stock and/or for the actual volatility to be higher than that implied by the puts.

    • Yup. The timing of the writing of the articles is often not even understood by the authors. The editor asks for an article because some string puller had a puppet pull the editor's strings who pulled the author's strings. Then Blackstone goes to work and others join in recognizing the signal.
      You know this is how it works because an issue sits in the hopper and you never hear about it. Suddenly five finance blogs will have an article out within an hour. What, by magic it became an issue suddenly out of the blue that every blog had to jump upon?

    • very conveniently timed article, OPEX, and very suspect to say the least !!! These are the kind of shenanigans that need to be ended to eliminate wall bs st's sully reputation !! Would like to know which wall st bank paid for this article to be printed today ??

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      • so sell arr its got higher leverage and a spotty record on top of that

        always a selective article

        where was this when the sector ralied from the last big drop - caused by a flash crash in agnc that moved teh whole sector down

        hit one - that hits the sector and then mass load and then all quiet for a big push

        seeing same fraud in utilites

        so bad but now cant stop and all you hear is they yield more then treasuries

        now gold - so just a few days after japan announces something - you hear massive deflation risk but 3 days earlier there was infaltion fears.

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