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  • reits_r_us reits_r_us Apr 20, 2013 6:28 PM Flag


    Google alert.

    I have spoken before about using a very simple trading method using the SMA and MACD(zero line) in predicting moves in AAPL and GOOG,

    Well, using the 50 day SMA and the MACD zero line on GOOG you will see how an entry signal was triggered back in Dec at just below $700 PPS when the stock moved over(positive) the 50 day SMA AND the MACD had crossed over(positive) the zero line.

    This was a "buy" signal. The next exit signal occurred at the beginning of this month when the price crossed over the 50 day SMA (negative)and the MACD crossed back over the zero line into negative territory @ $790, for a nice $90.00/share profit over that 3 and 1/2 month period.

    Well, the price line is about to cross into positive territory again BUT the MACD is still in jail in negative territory. I will wait until the MACD turns positive but this is your heads up for those who wish to trade with me.
    If the MACD turns up, I am a buyer of GOOG.

    Now look at AAPL. Our exit was last Oct @ $670. A short at that time would still have you short(except for an "in and out" whipsaw in late March) for a $280/share gain. I'm just saying, it is a sweet and simple trading paradigm and doesn't work all the time and does create some messy whipsaws, but who said trading was without some loss at times...who cares over the life of the trade?.....;-)

    Best success...let's make some money!!


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