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  • walrus8 walrus8 Apr 22, 2013 6:09 PM Flag

    OT - NFLX

    Is there anybody else besides me celebrating right about now?

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    • Someday I will unsubscribe all my movie channels, buy a TV with some kind of internet access, and get all my movies by the likes of NFLX. However I have been told that the movies available via their online portal are not nearly as extensive as renting by mail and the mail thing is unappealing to me as I want instant gratification.

      I’m currently looking at 70 inch TVs but I’m still waiting. I sense that there will be some major changes in how they transport video content over the next few years and I don’t want to buy something and then be stuck with it for 7 years when something much better is available. For one, I’m not sure if using WIFI for video content is the way to go. Wireless HDMI might be a better solution as it is a dedicated channel and thus doesn’t have to share the bandwidth with other users attached to the same network. The WIFI protocol tends to break down when it approaches full utilization as it doesn’t try to avoid collisions until after they occur. This can be inefficient. That is why AT&T U-Verse has a coax cable from their box to the TV set. Of course my AT&T U-verse won’t offer an easy solution to stream internet content to my TV because it competes directly with their on demand movies and movie channels. So I am waiting to see what emerges. Of course a hardwired network cable from my DSL modem to the TV is a solution but they are in different rooms and thus this would be a pain to implement without having an exposed cable, but possible, just not something I’m looking forward to doing.

      My old 65 inch DLP projection TV is on its second bulb and still hanging in there and I am currently using movie channels and on demand but with limited access to content. I will change when something more appealing is offered that addresses all my issues.

    • I am completely out as of today.

    • Still long and strong! I think i celebrated too much....

    • Honestly I'd rather just go play craps at the Casino vs buying netflix.

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