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  • raybans2 raybans2 Apr 24, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    The problem with APPL

    is the same problem that all device makers have which is that the newer generations of the old products aren't significantly improved to justify the upgrade. These devices are essentially computers which means you can self upgrade by buying new apps. But that doesn't help Apple and Samsung sell new phones or tablet computers. They need a new concept but I'm not sure that the technology is there yet to accomplish this. I would not buy a TV from APPL simply because it has apple menus that people find more intuitive. I would however buy a TV that allows my android tablet or iPAD to be used as a remote control for it. But I suspect that could be done with an app so long as the TV and the tablet are both connected to your WIFI router.

    I think my Samsung S3 should last me at least 5 years if not longer. I'm still not satisfied with my android tablet speed and battery life so there is probably one more upgrade there after which I can cruise. Who needs an iPod if they have a smart phone? It is redundant. Thus the market for iPods will be left only to those who don’t want to pay for a smart phone. And most smarts phones are not made by APPL. It would seem to me that the days of the iPod are numbered, relatively speaking. That said, I moved my iPod to my car, which has a USB port in the center arm rest storage area, and I use it instead of a CD player. But I won’t be buying anymore of them.

    The touch screen changed everything. Phones are no longer defined by their button arrangement as every phone is just a flat piece of glass and software does the rest. The user interfaces are very similar and thus the rash of law suits as distinguishing products from one another is near impossible no days. Seriously, what is so different from an iPhone and an S3 other than the S3 is thinner and thus less bulky in the pocket. I’m sure that these minor difference will disappear as time goes on.

    These people need a new set of products but what would that be?

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    • Apple's advantage has been that everything it makes is super-intuitive. You don't have to read any manuals or rule books (they say) -- you just go at it with your intuition and it just works.

      Everything, except its stock symbol -- which, very un-intuitively, is AAPL, not APPL. Who knows how many Apple zealots have tried to buy Apple shares and failed because of this simple reason.

    • a flying car would cover any need for something new.

      I have been waiting for about 50 years.

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      • The concept of a flying car is a nightmare to me. The idea of someone joy riding in a flying car and then crashing into my living room just doesn't sit well with me. Also there is the fuel efficiency. It is going in the wrong direction. You cannot fly a car for less money than you can drive on the road. It will never happen. It is just too dangerous and it would be chaos. That said it might be a solution to the overpopulation problem. However you will need enough liability insurance to replace a home.

    • Have you tried the Samsung Galaxy S IV with a touchless screen?

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