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  • saltynacho saltynacho May 8, 2013 2:47 AM Flag

    OT - Doc

    Hey Doc –

    We just returned from a week long trip to St. Marrten, where we celebrated Greek Easter. I am not Greek, however many of my sailing buddies are.
    I was also forced to make a slight detour and quick stopover in Barbados on the way there to conduct some “financial transactions” :-)

    I was happy to hear that Obama’s nomination of Tom Wheeler to head up-the FCC was confirmed. He is my kind of man! He is of course, a Venture Capitalist. :-)

    And on another note, my wife was the first to learn about Charles Ramsey of Cleveland, who is the hero of the day! After she finished telling me the story, I called one of my accountants and had a sizeable Cashiers Check delivered to his home via messenger.
    He is exactly what the youth of this country need today, a solid role model.

    I hope all is well with you and your family and you are continuing to make some money in the market.
    Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have the concatenation of the BOJ, the ECB and the FED all ante-up into the “QE pot” :-)

    It would appear that although, [by different metrics] inflation is only 1%, it does seem to be manifesting itself in equities. How can anyone be placing a loosing bet (rhetorical question) :-)

    Note to ddjim2: I hope that you too are doing well with your strategically placed bets!

    All The Best,

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    • Hey Salty,

      Thanks for the kind words. My "strategically" placed bets have done well thus far in 2013, with the exception of some ill placed calls on LINE and EVEP. Thanks again for pointing me at GILD; I may re-enter a position if the Phase 3 trials on Sofosbuvir can get underway quickly.

      Wow! St. Maarten. I haven't been there since 1989...I'll bet that things have changed quite a bit. I really enjoyed the cuisine on the French side and the casino action on the Dutch side, not to mention the beautiful water...What fun to celebrate Greek Easter with Greek friends. It is always a enlightening to have new cultural experiences.

      Thanks for the trip down memory lane with your reprint of my old Xmas poem; it served as a good reminder of the DD members that have passed through the turnstiles. BTW, how was the Burj Al Arab this past New Year's Eve? The fireworks looked spectacular. I'm guessing that was your destination as it looked to be the coolest venue in Dubai.

      Anything new on the VC front? You always have very interesting investment ideas. And last but not least, it's warming up in Monaco, so it's time to take the cover off of the spyder. I'll bet that you can't wait.


    • What kind of drugs did you get in Barbados on the way to exployte the 3rd world population? Payday is Friday try living in the real world? salt less However i do love your hi heels the ones with the little fish swimming in the heels love it!!!

    • the court ordered a $8MM bond for Ariel Castro today!

    • SPAM! why cant' you send this over email and post it here on teh board?!

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