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  • ides_baby ides_baby May 9, 2013 9:58 AM Flag


    I was called every name in the book. the obama bashers called me everything. according to bush lovers this e/c thing is all a actually tried to claim....e/c's would litter the highways everytime a black out or brown out occured....ha ha ha...blind followers of doc. Too funny.

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    • Unfortunately I'm only up 32% on TSLA today. I was hoping for more (wink). About 15 minutes ago I did set a 10% trailing stop though. There is no point in giving most of these gains back. No point at all.

      Just so you know. I learned about TSLA when searching for articles about electric vehicle and plug in hybrid sales as I was interested in how they were selling relative to standard hybrids and then I found an article that was discussing how TSLA was planning to announce their first profitable quarter and that their sales were exceeding the Volt. Initially I wasn't even looking for investment ideas but was only interested in determining the market acceptance of electrically aided vehicles as this is a major interest of mine. I'm interested in anything associated with green energy and the future sustainability of US energy consumption and how it impacts are competitiveness.

      I started to research TSLA further and that is when I found out that 49% of their shares were shorted. However those shares were shorted back when it was looking like TSLA was going to go bankrupt, not make a profit. It didn't take me very long to realize that there was going to be a situation brewing when those shorts figured out that their initial assumptions were no longer valid. However shorts seem to be a stubborn lot and they seem to have waited too long. Oh well. Better that it happened to them and not me.

      I posted about this situation not too long ago, long before the stock price escalated to where it is. However, as usual, most of these ideas get ignored as most don't seem to appreciate my investment insights but that is OK. As they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. All I can do is offer ideas. I can’t force anyone to like them. And besides, sometimes I am wrong. But I think we can all confess to this.

    • You are on the AGNC MB.
      You've never posted here before, therefore your "helpful" information is nothing more than a spammy pumper troll.

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