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  • raybans2 raybans2 May 20, 2013 1:18 PM Flag

    The Democrats should have read the Obamcare legislation and understood it

    Because if they had they never would have passed it as it is not what they thought. Consultants are telling employers that they can provide bare bones insurance that basically covers nothing and still comply with the law as the part of the law that governs the quality of health insurance that must be provided does not apply to plans supplied by small businesses. All they have to cover is preventative services, and little else. Most employers can avoid the $2k penalty by supplying such useless insurance which will cost them almost nothing.

    To buy your vote Obama didn't really need to actually give you something. All he had to do was make it appear like he was going to give you something.

    The Democrats are either incompetent or deceptive. If the Republicans had been allowed to help fashion a plan it would not have gone through in such a reckless fashion and none of this would have happened. If they had allowed it to go back to the senate they may have caught it. The fact is that they messed up because of their own paranoia. They thought they were getting away with something when all they were actually doing is shooting themselves in the foot.

    Deception is never the right course. Honest and open debate results in sound legislations because it gets vetted. The fact is that the Democrats got what they asked for. They sowed this crop and this is what they will harvest, which is rot.

    Had enough yet? Or do you want more?

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    • there are no exchanges!! bet that will be put off a year or so.

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    • I wonder if you really understand what is in the bill.

      The ObamaCare small business Medicare tax hike is a .9% increase on the current Medicare part A tax. Small businesses making under $250k in taxable profit don't have to pay this ObamaCare small business tax increase. This group of small businesses making over $250k in taxable income accounts for 3% of small businesses in the US.

      In 2014 Small Businesses with over 50 employees that choose not to provide insurance (employers must pay at least 60% of covered health care costs), provide insurance that is too expensive, or insurance that doesn't meet the minium standards set forth by ObamaCare (must provide the minimum benefits of a "bronze" plan bought on the ObamaCare health insurance exchange) and cannot exceed 9.5% of family income for the employee will have to pay an "employer responsibility requirement" penalty.

      Starting in 2014 Small businesses with up to 100 employees (50 or fewer in some states) will be able to compare and buy health insurance on the exchanges for their employees. Starting in 2017, states can allow businesses with more than 100 employees to purchase coverage in the SHOP Exchange.

      The "mandate" is really a shared responsibility fee, or penalty. The penalty for small businesses not covering their workers is $2000 per employee and $3000 if they purchase health insurance through the exchange with premium credits (the first 30 workers are excluded from the penalty). The ObamaCare penalty offsets the cost of the employees who will use the exchange or emergency room services in lieu of employer based insurance.

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      • con't

        96% of all firms in the United States - or 5.8 million out of 6 million total firms - have under 50 employees and Will not Be Penalized for choosing not to provide health coverage to their employees (have under 30 employees). 96% of those firms already cover full time workers. That means less than .2% of small businesses (10k out of 6 million) will actually have to provide insurance to full-time employees or pay the shared responsibility fee due to ObamaCare.

        There will be a annual fee of $63 dollars paid by small business employers purchasing insurance. The ObamaCare small business fee is decreased by a small amount each year until 2017 when pre-existing conditions are phased out. These costs may get passed onto employees. Due to tax credits small businesses will still see a net savings, while larger firms will have more up-front costs which may get passed onto employees.

        Small Businesses can apply for tax breaks of up to 35% (25% for non-profits) of the cost of their employees premiums if they have fewer than 25 full-time employees. To qualify businesses must pay for at least 50 percent of their employees premiums and their workers average annual wages can't be more than $50k. By 2014 the tax credit amount is increased to 50% (35% for non-profit).

    • What the f does any of that have to do with AGNC and mReits in general. It is way past time that you and YBF do us all a favor and take your political wranglings elewhere. FHEAD

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      • nickspinner May 20, 2013 10:04 PM Flag

        You're a communist #$%$ hole. You and ObaMao both.

      • Amen!!!!!!

      • I didn't know it mattered so much to you. It seems I pushed your button big time. You know if you used the ignore button you would never have read it. But then, you could not have responded either. It's a double edged sword it would seem. That is, if you feel so strongly about responding.

        It would seem to me that Obama is really dragging his party down lately with all the corruption coming to light. I don't think we have seen anything on the level of this IRS flap since Nixon sent people to break into the Watergate Hotel. And to think that Obama knew about all of this before the 2012 election and didn't say a thing. It's not looking good. I know it hurts to be stabbed in the back by someone you may have respected but he did it none the less. It’s looking really bad. Is this what the Democratic party stands for? What kind of a person would want to be a part of this?

        Corruption is a beast. If you try to defend it then we may become another Mexico where anything goes. Which is probably where we are headed anyway from the looks of things. Everyone is out for themselves so it seems. I get mine and it doesn’t matter who has to pay.

        The other day I was trying to figure out why as children we are taught that in the US we freedom as if it is a new thing. I was trying to understand how a shop owner say 500 years ago in Europe was any less free than a shop owner in the US is today. Granted the search a seizure laws and privacy protection laws have evolved as they have most everywhere. But to the man who never did much to have anyone want to search him what has changed? Basically nothing has. Government controls your life and takes your money the same now days as it did back then. What has really changed? Only our perception has changed, that’s all.

    • Ain't that the truth!

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      • Oh, you might say that the fact I can post this now and not back then is a change. But is it really? People 500 years griped about stuff and for the people who didn't matter they could do it all they wanted because it didn't make a difference. It was only the people who could influence others in larger numbers who were made to be quite, like with a form of intimidation as effective as the threat of an IRS audit. The methods may be different but isn't the ends the same? Are we really any different? Think about it.

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