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  • provendog provendog Jun 26, 2013 3:33 PM Flag


    This hyped up bubble can be flat in 2 more quarters reporting like the last 2 quarters.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • I have reversed my position Bubba.
      The economy is declining. They are going to keep QE going for sure.. more sugar for AGNC.
      The interest rates are going back down, and AGNC book value up.
      DR. Klumps now recommends you buy AGNC.
      Sorry Shortie.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to dr_klumpy
      • Dream on Fakie. I am the real Dr. Klumps.
        Todays' lower GDP reading for Q1 confirms that the economy is no doing well, and we are not going to reach the FED unemployment target for tapering anytime soon, if ever.
        QE is going to continue, rates will go back down and AGNC's book value up.
        Sorry fake Klumpy. AGNC is a buy at these prices.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Use dr_klumpie or minnie_klumps, leave the BIG TIME KLUMPS TO ME. It sounds like you are trading AGNC, you are better off buy TBT when it sells off than AGNC, way more bang for the buck and alot less risky. AGNC is stuck with alot of MBS 30 yr paper with 2.5-3.5% yields. This is almost equivalent to holding Chinese Stocks, very very bubbled and very bery risky. So many people looking to get out and very little bidding. Retail investors dumped $62 B last month of treasury funds, that alone negated the $80B. MBS BIG BEN is buying. With everything bubbled up, long term short is the safest just like 2008 - 2009 and short term bullish trading for very short time is warranted. Anything else, the odds are stacked against you, including the FED. Remember Greenspan irrational exuberance speech, and the housing bubble warnings, they were 1 or more years before the market actually turned down. BERNANKE has spoken, just like GREENSPAN, I remember how all the snakeheads in the financial world said Greenspan was wrong, didn't understand business, I remember Indymac CEO and WAMU Kerry Killinger saying they were smarter and Greenspan mis-spoke. I sold out of my Trust portfolio into cash spring- 2008, and watched the carnage unfold for 2 years. Remember Paulson who made a billion shorting MBS, while the brokers were still selling to institutions and funds. This is the TOP, one to two years to the bottom.

        PS - my personal trust fund that I managed dumped all the Utilities and fixed income back in December - February, 2013, 100% cash .......too bad M-REIT's didn't hold onto their cash after the last SPO, earning 1% on $20B. was alot better than loosing $36 to 22 on every share outstanding. The BV loss was devastating, these M-REIT's are like the Asian funds like Templeton, who can't sell enough to get out, no liquidity. You have to really understand what is going on to do well investing and trading, otherwise you are just gambling.

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