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  • stevie_b_in_hawaii stevie_b_in_hawaii Jul 1, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    Ignoring Lying Short Sellers. Smell Their Desperation


    Party is over for shorty but yahoo always to gets the dumb of the dumbest here.
    Enjoy watching them sweat! Smell their odor a mile away.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Stevie, Please explained your desire to smell sweaty shorts.

    • unfortunately i have been long this POS and i will damn every day of my liffe the first day when i heard about AGNC. But we need to be realistic. You say short sellers are DESPERATE. Do you really think so ? This turd had dropped by $36 to $20 almost 50% and you think shorties are desperates ? They are making the easisiest money in their life. We are desperate indeed.

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      • Never read those articles from either S.A or M.FOOLS, all full of bias, and always came with an agenda.
        They are here to steal, beware !!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • I'm out because i cannot ruin my sleep with this POS, will it go up again ? Maybe. Will i miss an opportunity ? Maybe. But this wsn't a "correction", this was catastrophe. Half a life of earnings blown in few weeks. If you have lots of money invested in AGNC like i had until today (a good share of my portfolio) can you really tell me , you can avoid being worried and you can sleep well at night after losing almost half of your capital in few weeks ? Are you a robot or what ? Did you swear to earn your money ? The point is , you don't lose until you don';t sell, but if this keep going down...down and more will lose anyway because you will never redeem your shares. It doesn';t make sense. Anything in this planet is better than AGNC. Sorry if i am aa chicken, but I am out. No more !

    • just look at his 100000 aliases.. he just keeps on posting the same non-sense day after day

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Never reply directly to stalkers. They are mentally deranged people that have
      no life. I do feel sorry for people that's never had a life & stalk the message
      boards to spread their haltered & jealousy to others. I'm a good
      target because of my success as a trader of stocks as well as being
      in the Merchant Marines where I traveled the world. This poor Individual
      has done nothing in life & hates others for his own pathetic life.
      I will no longer feed this troll but I will pray for him. I've been blessed
      to have had the lived that Iife that's been given to me. Count your blessings!

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