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  • stopposts stopposts Jul 25, 2013 1:54 PM Flag

    Stopping the message board flow - IR does not care

    Given the very poor flow of quality information, constant bashing and misleading and false posts, AGNC IR said it has no issues with this board or source of speculative #$%$. I thought they would at least care, but they do not care about the flame, the non-sense posts, and otherwise false information. From this I conclude, the board does not effect the market value of AGNC whatsoever and it would be best you ignore the background noise from the cricket. Yahoo will not do a thing about these nonsense posts. I just hope they close down the message board, as this board serves no purpose at all. The board does not represent a big enough market share to read it again. I also don't think the flame or people like it represent paid bashers. This of course makes this a sad idiot and anyone who reads this low life stuff in sad need of listening to abusive stuff. What IR wound prefer is to engage with you directly.

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    • You are correct that a post to this board has almost zero effect on the price of this stock as the people who are buying 100s of thousands of shares at a time don't even bother to read this board and they are the ones that control the price of this stock. To think otherwise is naive.

      Also the definition of a post that is misleading is subjective and I don't think that the people at yahoo have enough time to become knowledgeable about each stock to be able to determine what is misleading and what is not. If they listened to everyone that wrote to them then the flame could do the same and have them doing really crazy things. How would you like that? They could be manipulated into doing more harm than good at the behest of some trouble maker because they have no idea who is sincere or who is being malicious. If they did as you wanted then it could soon get turned into someone else’s tool to create havoc. That is why I never complain because the last thing I want them doing is listening to complainers because who knows if they are the ones causing trouble or the ones trying to prevent it. How could they possibly know the difference?

      To me this seems like obvious stuff but I guess it isn't. A lot of people here must be very young I suppose. Especially these liberal types because they come off as if they have very little life experience with consequences of well intended actions gone wrong. They act as if people are not self serving in most cases when they are. Most everything else is BS but it seems as if people don't realize this. It's as if mother didn't allow the kids to go out and play with others except for who they meticulously screened and thus all they know about human nature is what they were told or observed in ideal conditions which of course was what they would have liked the world to be, but it really isn't when conditions are no longer controlled as such. In a way it is like playing a joke on the poor kid, unintentionally of course.

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      • Also keep this in mind. If you are only agreeing with one side, either bearish or bullish, all the time, then you are misleading yourself because all stocks go through bearish and bullish phases. And if you cannot accept the changes when they occur then you are not being truthful with yourself and you have only yourself to blame. So many investor have the permalong affliction but permalongs don't make very much money and often lose it. Only the people that are open minded to see it both ways are consistently making money on the markets. People who shore are not evil and people who only invest long are not good. There is no good or evil in that regard. For that you have to look at insider trading and the like. Basically people who cheat like people who look at someone else's cards in a poker game.

        Making money in the good times is just half of the game. Not lose it in the bad times is the other half. If you can't do the latter then you never get to keep the winnings.

        These message boards are not for the purpose of influencing the markets. They are so people can learn from other people's experiences. You can't influence the markets here. It will never happen.

    • This board was the first to warn to get out of this high risk overvalued investment back in February. It also pointed out the "EXTREME" convexity risk of Agency MBS securities. This is an excellent board, and I doubt they will take it down since it is evidence for possible lawsuits. You can't say you didn't know, it was on the Public Message Board at Yahoo.

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      • Again__Do you understand convexity? Convexity is the rate of change a security responds to a change in interest rates over the securities duration spectrum. I have posted here and elsewhere that MBS and CMOs inherently exhibit negative convexity. Also fixed rate preffered. Essentially convexituy is the 'securities' duration curve volativity. With negative convexity a security will respond at a faster rate of change to an increase in rates than it's rate of change to a decrease. It has no meaningful effect on the end-result magnitude of the principal valuation change. Only amateurs do not realize this. The market prices convexity in. The difference between these mReits is which management team will effectively hedge the negative convexity.

        Try reading some books instead of creating IDs to #$%$ with urself!

      • All of what you say is once again irrelevant, my point is nothing more than this board, you, and your the flame (one in the same) are irrelevant to IR and therefore should not be a place to spend time, ever. I have no complaints to make, as my investments are not linked to this board and never have. I just thought HRs perspective is relevant, again you are irrelevant.

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