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  • pinataman pinataman Aug 19, 2013 8:58 PM Flag


    Do you even read this mb. klumps comes out with multiple paragraphs of empiracle sp.4u evidence. most here are 1 line rants with insults. R u really that stupid. or just a obama bashing tea-bag asso.

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    • pinataman, just saw yer message today, you seem angry, but to answer your questions, i had just joined and no i didn't really know he had all the multiple id's, i'm new to trading stocks, new to the terminology, and new to this board, and yes for me it was hard to decipher who was who, and i live in north italy and do not belong to obama tea bag group.

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      • You like to suck kawks too.

      • It says in the Bible that all are welcome, all are welcome and invited to the table to eat this platter of wisdom..

        Come as you are, all are welcome.
        Come as you are.

        Even though I haven't read my Prospectus in a year, do I still have a welcome place waiting for me here?
        Even though you saw me at the bar last week, do I still have a place that's safe for me to speak?
        Even though I curse on the court playing ball, do I still have a place that will care for me at all?
        Even though my parents are hippies of the new age, burning incense, can this still be my place?
        Even though I feel a little different than you, can this still be a place were I can find the TRUTH?
        And even though I shout during service in my wheelchair, can this be the place for me where people still care?

        Come as you are, all are welcome.
        Come as you are.

        Even though I love somebody of the same sex, do I still have a place to learn about M-REIT's?
        Even though my wife and I can't get along, do we still have a place to come and spew out my guts?
        Even though I have a personality disorder, do I still have a place to bath in another persons verbal sewage?
        Even though I'm homeless and I struggle to eat, do I still have a place to keep me off of the street?
        And even though I can't speak English that well, do I still have a place where I can come and be understood?

        Come as you are, all are welcome.
        Come as you are.
        We are all children of God and we can all eat at the messageboard table of plenty.

      • If you are not experienced with message boards, please make sure you take nothing here at face value unless you can verify it somewhere else. Lots of agendas going on.

      • Ygfs, the lead poster login is another Bozo login like klumps or herexhere. Bozo is a lifeless troll who was a government employee on disability ,probably mental. He trolls 24/7 using hundreds of logins. Sit back,enjoy but beware of the source.

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