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  • eusdond eusdond Aug 24, 2013 6:31 PM Flag

    a comparison of Shorts

    Next to market makers, Shorts are the lowest form of gutter trash to be found in the financial world___There is nothing too vile or disgusting to them in their endeavor to make a profit in any way possible___Outside the financial world they are on a par with Grave robbers, ambulance chasers and soldiers who steal the belongings off their fallen comrade's bodies...

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    • Actually there is more lying by the buy side who are always attempting to con the average investor into the myth that stocks always go up so that they can gain their percentage take. And theirs is an easy argument to make since do to the Fed's destruction of the dollar and the world wide monopoly of the monied interests - stocks do "on average" go up.

      Shorting is a very different and dangerous game since it is a bet against the entrenched system and usually only works for very short periods. That being said - the Shorts realized that if interest rates were to rise that mREITs were bound to fall and they made 40%!

      They didn't have to lie since it was all just common sense in a rising interest rate environment - although some have of course painted an overly bleak picture to scare people...

      Instead of getting emotional about Shorts or Longs - there is a lesson here that is objective - and that is that rising interest rates are death to BV which is going to kill the mREITs and stable to falling rates are a godsend. Right now rates have stabilizes and therefore the Shorts are covering. Either you learn or you don't!

    • Why do shorts lie, cheat, and steal? It's in their DNA, they just can't help themselves!

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