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  • dr_klumps dr_klumps Sep 11, 2013 2:48 PM Flag

    Develop a Strategy to SHORT stocks !

    While the markets are exhibiting strength, 5 years into a 4 yr bull market, it makes alot of sense to plan a strategy to SHORT STOCKS, either individual stocks or eft's to profit off the Bear Market that always follows a long uninterrupted Bull Market. This is just plain smarts, anyone that thinks everything will just keep rising and rising and divy keeps growing and growing is nothing more than a victim of the pump and dump ponzi schemes being sold to investors. Anyone with any brains know you have to book profits based on some strategy and harvest gains because the market is manipulated by the FED and goes up as much as it goes down. Cycles will never leave us, they just repeat, and this has gone on for 1000's of years. That is why I harvested my AGNC, ARR, and NLY profits last year withing 5% of the highs because my strategy was to avoid owning these in the year the FED ends QE. We should be broadening our horizon now that the down cycle I was expecting last summer has been realized for the REIT's. This will last 2-3 years and AGNC is headed along with all the others to the Single Digit Islands where CIM is now.

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