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    But easy to plot since their existence -

    plot their beginning - use a graph and show how their growth (their cost) has gone from start to present.

    you are and will see similar in welfare - the numbers are rising - used to have 250mil population - now its 450, what happens when its 650,. 750 - and more and more dont see any reason to want to work - thats the whole premise -

    instead wal just discounts that this cost is minimal and so just disregard it - how much of gdp did this costs account from 20 years ago, 10 years ago, present, 10 years into the future - its growing just like medicare, medicaid, social security. but hey just dont worry about it until its a massive problem - thats great planning wal - sort of like our massive debt - oh oops its 17 trillion - hey we better fix this - wow great planning.

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    • If the goverment would have invested the funds instead of stealing them we would have plenty of money to cover all payments in the future

    • If I remember correctly, each one of us and our employer contributed to Social Security. Uncle Sam did not put a nickel into that fund. However the fund was raped by the government and now it is called an entitlement. It was "our" money and we entrusted the government to invest it wisely. So much for dumb faith!!!

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      • codelld... you are absolutely correct. Now we seniors are concerned about Obama and his socialist comrades causing yet more erosion of America and the American way of life. His "hope and change" has threatened America since his first election and now we are experiencing his misguided changes that cause each of us to have less money and freedom. The uninformed and needy folks will continue to support his arrogance, self centered attitude, lack of transparency, and failure to be a true presidential leader. The uninformed will continue to hold their hand out for freebies, and support liberal politics in the future. The conservative, sensible and informed people will not be able to change the minds of voters that continue to receive free government entitlements.

      • The only ones who did wisely with social security is the ones who raped us and the county of galveston who opted out

        social security is the equivalent to the co mingling of funds nothing else and then oops

        the real rate of return for social security is negative and so its the people who have been raped by their lawmakers here - both parties -

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