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  • walrathcral walrathcral Oct 16, 2013 12:01 AM Flag

    walRAT is a fraud

    Alas, my pathetic, name-stealing ghost, is but a liar and coward. He cannot do simple math, does not care about government waste or the fact that government has grown so large that no entity ( least of all congress) is able to oversee all the pseudo-government programs and the corruption inherent within them. His rants are always about the "poor" and the evil rich. Who ARE todays poor walrat? Please tell us! Define "poor". Are they the ones who have chosen to take in MORE $ per household than many working families? Why does our government RECRUIT more people to take food stamps? Why are there so many more "takers" today. What makes it worth their while? And who are the "rich"?
    Have you ever worked for a poor person? Give us your definition of "rich" that we might learn from your enlightened, righteous self. And tell us.... why are YOU here on the AGNC mess. board? Are you and investor walrat? Are you trying to get rich? Are you trying to make money for....doing NOTHING!? Are you a capitalist....or are you simply a FRAUD! Less

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    • You are simply an idiot who posts bumper sticker slogans and claims anyone he doesn't like is lazy and poor. Those who are in the bottom 10% get 5% of the budget spent on them. Deal with it. The fact that reality doesn't square with your delusional view of the world is not my fault.

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