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  • gary_kain gary_kain Oct 16, 2013 3:03 PM Flag

    to be poor in America

    The nightmare of being poor in America is not having substandard housing, old clothes, and no healthcare.
    The nightmare is having the not so poor robbing you of the resources. The people gaming the system, collecting disability, welfare and unemployment checks. The doctors and bogus medical supply companies ripping off medicare. Of course the other nightmare is the media and advertising convincing everyone here that they need a smartphone, a plasma TV ,a leased late model car and an Ipad. This is where capitalism fails. My friends in Europe could care less about having high end computers and phones. They want to spend time with their family-especially the elderly, have a picnic, drink a jug of local wine. That to them is success. That is happiness. They don't care as much about what others have. They are not as jealous of others possessions. Too much consumerism. The best things in life are free.

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    • You cannot define for anyone but yourself what happiness is. To some people living in a shack in the woods and eating from a dumpster is happiness because they feel absolutely no expectations from others being placed upon them and to them that is all they care about. Everything else is secondary.

      The problem with government is that too much money never gets to its intended destination as it gets siphoned off by those who game the system or by an over staffed, over paid bureaucracy whose employees believe that the primary purpose of government is to provide them with a job that affords them a life style that exceeds that of the tax payers that are paying their wage and benefits. Yet you go by these government buildings at 8:45 AM or 4:30 PM and the employee parking lots are completely empty. Not one car can be found. Yet those who pay the taxes, from which they derive their wages and benefits, must work uncompensated over time for less pay and receive greatly less benefits and in most cases no pension. Yet the government employee owes their life style to these people who make much less than them. Is this right? Is there any moral basis by which this can be justified? There is none that I know of. For these government employees it is an argument that is better avoided so as to keep their situation out of the minds of those who might complain if they clearly understood. So they quietly donate union money to politicians and demand increased pay and benefits for their political support and hope that most tax payers never catch on so they can keep raiding the treasury at our expense.

      Of course this is fine with Obama because government jobs are great places for his Acorn constituents to find a home and receive such luxurious pay and benefits and this pleases him greatly. As far as Obama is concern this solves one of his high priority concerns. We see it as a problem and he sees it as a solution.

    • Gary: Have you considered moving to Ecuador?
      You might like it better there.

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