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  • mmichaelr mmichaelr Oct 22, 2013 9:05 PM Flag

    healthcare site

    The last few days I have heard it on media said that someone can shop without having to apply/enroll. This has been said not only by O himself and others directly in his cabinent and press corp. Not true for my state. I have tried 8 prior times to get into that site while creating my inital profile. Last time it said my city was not valid. Tonite I finally got past the intial profile. Nope I had to fill out an application and now it won't let me get offering prices unless I choose to enroll. What a mess HHS has on their hands.

    All I want is to see want I may have to pay and for what coverage. I had to make my healthcare choices already by an enrollment end date of 10/23__or be locked until next Octtober. I guess that is another glinch in the current act that apparently slipped by.

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    • The California site list prices immediately so you can decide which plan you can afford. All you have to do is enter your age and income, maybe a few other details, but no registration is required. I actually found the California site to be quite informative. But then I did not try to enroll because I have company supplied insurance. I was only interested in seeing if what was being offered was actually what they claimed in the beginning.

      I have to say that the amount of the employee contribution has gone up significantly in the last few years. A few years ago I would have to pay $3000 for a family plan. Now it is $7600. Of course what it cost the company is much more. It seems that insurance has skyrocketed lately. At least it has for me. My contribution has more than doubled. Our kids are grown up and have graduated from college so I told them that they were going to have to fork up the difference between the family plan and the employee and spouse plan which is about $2500. Otherwise they could go get their own insurance. They didn't complain. They were glad to get on my plan instead of the alternative. The high deductable Obamacare wasn't even up for consideration.

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      • Oh I wish it would be that easy 4 me. Be aware my state is once again near the top of 'Barron(s)' worst. I tried 2 search and then visit a supposed 'state' exchange site__it was a cluster fk of ads and krap (trying 2 stay away from the censor software here) even tho it a was dot gov).

        So It seemed for my state I almost have to go thru the Fed site. Now understand I am a person that will not answer census requests. But to progress thru my process I had to give up info that I have chosen not to provide for census. It still got me no where closer to 'healthcare' offerings.

        I was not in favor of this act/plan (mainly because I think it is to big for beauracrats to solve) but it is here and we all__one way or another have 2 deal with it__yes?)

        Since 2001 my healthcare coverage costs have gone up every year except last year__went down about a decent burger meal price__I hoped it was a positive trend. For next year +17.4%. So it is not 2 hard 2 understand my interest in any offerings.

        Besides my problems getting any pricing__for me I had to opt for current continual coverage or not my 5pm eastern on 10/23. I would like 2 no if I could of done better. Our enrollment date time frame has not changed (adjusted for wk ending) for many years. However, at least for 'us' it seems the "ACA' did not require adjustment for dates to match equivalent enrollment dates for 'ACA'. Gosh isn't that just 'DUH' ???

        If going forward the HHS enrollment date starts 10/15 and our end date ends around 10/23 (adjusted for fridays) we would have a thin 7-8 days 2 compare rates and coverage. Does that even make logical sense.


        Again I suspect that is more my state defiency. But the slip in requiring matching enrollment dates is nothing but 'incompetent planning'!!!

    • I will be retiring next year so will be losing my health insurance. I made application to Anthem and my entire family was turned down for what they say were pre existing conditions. Had my doctor to write them a letter saying everyone on the policy is fine but they still denied the application. Asked what my options were and was told I could participate in the Anthem high risk pool at 6k a month... ahh no.

      My only option was Obamacare and I had no problems in Kentucky which set up their own exchange. Took me longer to gather the information than to complete the enrollment process, about 30 minutes. Got a good PPO gold policy and paying $400 / mo less than paying now. My Doc says he'll honor the coverage.

      So far seems like a deal.

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      • They can NOT turn you down due to a preexisting condition. Go to the exchange or reapply and if you still get turned down write your congressman or senator or the governor.

      • Well is not this interesting while I was posting my whining post__my mailperson delivered a letter that my specialist 'Doc Marcia' will not be available anymore unless I can continue my current/ or equivalent HMO coverage.

      • Is your doctor in the insurance pool? They are not allowing all doctors who want to join the pool to join the pool. They are limiting the size of the pool to be less than the number who want to join so they can get the doctors to cut their rates to the bare bones. Go to the insurance company’s web site and do a doctor search for that specific plan. I did this for the plans on the California site and my doctor was not listed. In my case I would have to switch doctors. Don't assume that he is in the pool. And don't assume that your doctor even understands what is going on yet. In the past they could agree to the rates and get paid by any insurance company. This is not true with Obamacare.

        I would not be surprised if a lot of doctors are in for a surprise because they have not even looked into it yet because it doesn't affect them until 2014. If they are not associated with a large hospital that has a sophisticated billing department they may not even be aware of the situation. Everyone is just now figuring it out. Don't assume anything. It is a huge mess.

    • My effort to obtain a quote in Nevada worked perfectly. Many state Co-ops have been set up, and you should be able to reach them by phone, although that my have its own problems.

    • You have until March to sign up.

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      • I live in Florida and I was able to finally get through the website enrollment and actually see the various plans two days ago for my wife who is 61 years old including prices and options. I will be part of Medicare in Dec. this year and I signed up in 10 minutes or less on the Medicare internet site and have my card already. For my wife, there were 12 bronze options from Blue Cross alone. No great savings however. I can keep my wife's current Blue Cross plan or choose to go with one of the 12 bronze options since I want a high deductible. I am going to meet with Blue Cross people this week and will make my decision then.

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