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  • raybans2 raybans2 Oct 30, 2013 6:42 PM Flag

    I realize now why I never had a problem with obamacare web sites

    California created its own site as well as some other states, 14 in all to be exact. Theirs seem to be working as are many of the sites created in the other 13 states. It is the national site called, which 36 states use as opposed to creating their own, which is having the melt down.

    This whole mess has created an interesting dilemma which is that many of the existing health insurance plans that are offered to individuals are no longer legal because they do not meet the standards set by Obamacare law so they have been canceled. This was a great out for an insurance company that wanted to get out from paying for someone with a preexisting condition. Now all the individuals with preexisting conditions have only Obamacare to turn to. However many find that they cannot sign up for it due these issues and come Jan 1 they will be without insurance and have no means to get any if this situation is not fixed. They could be in the middle of a critical phase of chemotherapy, which I am sure many are, and they will have no way to pay for it.

    No one should be making excuses for this. They need to solve it, and if they can’t then they need to issue an executive order that puts things back to where they were before these people run out of insurance. And then they need to work on making it happen at a later date. The simple fact is that they are not ready. They need more time.

    But I’m guessing that Obama will throw these people to the dogs so he won’t have to suffer the political embarrassment of a delay. I’m guessing that his personal pride will take priority over the devastating impact he will have on these millions of people. But who knows, maybe he will do something that is not selfish for a change. Never say never. It could happen no matter how unlikely.

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    • You're such a moron that you don't realize that the California website is part of the Obamacare law. States were given the option to create their own websites under the law. Democratic governors did this. Republican governors ignored the law and force the feds to come in.

    • Rayban, best, smartest political post i've seen in months if not years.

      H5n, you must of been isolated/insulated from the real world. For that you should either thank, or blame, your parents. Probably both. Thank them for then, blame them for the memories not in tune with reality that you have now. The good old days. Every generation has those memories. They're never, on balance, the good vs the bad of those times, attuned with the realty.

    • The bigger picture / musings of an old man (me) Everyone's complaining about "this or that" and how govt isn't running anything very well, with lots of waste, fraud and abuse...pretty much the way it is, imo. I grew up in the 50's...we had no medicare, and all these other programs - Now grandma had "hardening of the arteries", so the doctor said... "one shot of whiskey in the morning"...She lived with us...she'd had a good life...and then she passed on (as we all will). Of course, if she were here today, we could spend $200,000 on pills, operations, etc, to keep her going a few more years...but no guarantees about "quality of life"....just keep everyone alive...Frankly, I think the world is overcrowded as it is...and we now have massive unfunded liabilities for all the govt promises made in the past - to buy votes or to 'save us from ourselves' (we know best what's good for you)....blah blah...yep, an old man, wishing for the old times, when people took responsibility for their own lives...and govt focused on defense, and not much else. I think people have gotten LAZY, frankly - more and more people want govt to take care of them from cradle to grave...Many love that...Don't have to think too much or put in some effort....Sure, life was a bit 'tougher'. but we all learned good lessons from 'struggle'. How to to make good to work hard and study hard...I never had to go on welfare or unemployment in my life...I always found a way, cause I "had to". Cruel? Oh, I'd rather have govt out of my life...I choose freedom over a nanny state that dictates how we all must behave.
      (I'm glad I grew up in a time when people did not rely on govt so much...I feel sad for those who think govt healthcare , welfare, Amtrack , Fed Reserve are wonderful things....the bill will come due , someday...and I wonder if people will be prepared? i.e. when you have not struggled and your worst time has been if your iPad was not working (end of world stuff)...

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      • The issue isn't so much about personal initiative or the assumption people are lazy. It is about having affordable health care because it is prohibitively expensive for significant treatment. The naysayers of Obamacare don't comprehend the loopholes, collaboration of business and lawyering loopholes employed by private insurance companies, to preserve tax writeoffs for employers. The status quo was good for business(fire those who are high risk--old and sick---just a coincidence?) leaving them at the mercy of the health insurance industry, their profits their lawyers. Now there are insurance coverage standards, businesses must pay somethingto contribute. But that would be details, something old folks and the tea party ideologues refuse to examine. Not to worry to those who believe Skydaddy will take care of you.

      • Key statement is the world is overcrowded and the terrible part is its still growing and quickly.

        if you have a family with 3 chidlren and you are struggling does common sense say lets have another child. - no - but the democrats nuture this because the probability -not all - but the probability is that person will come out voting for the democrats and thats how you win the game - you allow bad behavior and dont hold anyone accountable if you can get their votes.

      • H5n1eric, you grew up during the New Deal, when the government created social security, bank deposit insurance, federal home loans, school lunches, the interstate highway system, the minimum wage, the GI bill, public university, universal education, government subsidized housing projects, vaccinations, farm supports, a national airline system, and a government satellite system form GPS.

        Thom, do you know that without Amtrak, there would be nompassenger rail service in the USA do tomshut sown or bankruptiy of the passenger railroads.

        Learn something new everyday. Or maybe not.

      • " so the doctor said... "one shot of whiskey in the morning"


      • Sounds like you had some of Grandma's whiskey. Retired people have it much better today with medicare. But if you think the world is overcrowded perhaps you would like to start with yourself.

      • Back in those days most people did not have health insurance because they didn't need it. Then insurance gave people the blank check mentality and people started to expect everything that was technically feasible rather than what was affordable. No one was cured of cancer because there were no cures. Now drug companies have discovered that patients with blank checks can afford expensive drugs so they spend billions on drugs like ones that extend the life of an HIV infected person for 15 years and they charge $24k a year for the drug which never cures them, but keeps them alive. I seriously doubt that any drug company would have been motivated to spend so much money on discovering such drugs under the old model. We would pay much less but then there would be fewer cures. There needs to be a balance. We have leaned too far to the cure most anything at any cost and the averaging the cost of these cures needed by 10% of the population with the typical cures that the other 90% need are driving up the cost for everyone. I think at some point you have to decide that some people are genetically unlucky and that is their lot in life or we end up getting saddled with the expense of paying the high cost of extending their lives, something the rest of us will never need.

        My wife works for a company that provides in house aid to old people who can no longer do everything on their own so they need people to come to their home and help them with some things through out the week, say 2 to 4 hours a day. From what she has observed, once these people get so bad off that they have to go a more medically intensive route they usually don't last that long, maybe 3 months.

        Most of these people eventually die for lack of physical activity. The care givers try to get them to go on walks and such and many simply want to just sit in a chair and some don't even want to get out of bed. The latter you can give 12 months as eventually they cannot get out of bed.

      • I have to share this: I remember growing up in Texas (ElPaso/SanAntonio)...Just a little kid (way short of teen years) with my NRA certificate...parents gave me a .22...had my hunting dog (Beagle)...and I'd set out in the morning, into the desert, to shoot at rabbits. Now don't you progressives start lamenting about the rabbits...I never shot one...They were pretty fast, as they had no one to rely on...they learned to survive! Oh, and then the time I was in the car with my mom...I turned to her and said I want to change my name. 'Oh, what name would like?', she said. I replied "Roy Rogers"...She laughed....dumb lil' kid - but I suppose I provided some entertainment...I love kids. I remember things like Halloween, Christmas carols at school, Christmas time, when we'd be heading to church in the evening (and still nothing under the tree !!...i.e. Santa better get here by the time we get back from church...and I'd better get my bike!...or rifle)...Then we'd all get in the car...Then mom would say, "oh, I forgot my hat" - she'd run back into the house...get the presents she'd hidden, and put them under the tree...Then we'd take off...And in church, all I could think about was "Santa must be flying over, right now!?!"...magical stuff. And when we'd get home...Holy cow !!! How does Santa do that !!!?? Poor kids today...I even had to take my candy last night and actually walk around to find kids, to give the candy away...So, yeah, I feel a bit sorry for kids today...but times are different...They'd probably hate growing up like I did - given what they're accustomed to...I guess every generation is different (I never did get my darn name changed ! Maybe I'll get me a progressive, civil right's activist lawyer...and petition for my "Roy Rogers" name change...LIFE JUST AIN'T FAIR AT TIMES !!)

    • If you are covered by a plan that existed March 23, 2010, your plan is "grandfathered." You may not get some rights and protections that other plans offer. Grandfathered plans are those that were in existence on March 23, 2010 and have stayed basically the same. But they can enroll people after that date and still maintain their grandfathered status. In other words, even if you joined a grandfathered plan after March 23, 2010, the plan may still be grandfathered. The status depends on when the plan was created, not when you joined it.
      How to find out if your plan is grandfathered

      What grandfathered plans do and don't have to cover

      Here's a quick look at the consumer protections that do and don't apply to grandfathered plans:

      All health plans must:

      End lifetime limits on coverage
      End arbitrary cancellations of health coverage
      Cover adult children up to age 26
      Provide a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), a short, easy-to-understand summary of what a plan covers and costs
      Hold insurance companies accountable to spend your premiums on health care, not administrative costs and bonuses

      Grandfathered plans DON'T have to:

      Cover preventive care for free
      Guarantee your right to appeal
      Protect your choice of doctors and access to emergency care
      Be held accountable through Rate Review for excessive premium increases

      In addition to the above, grandfathered individual health insurance plans (the kind you buy yourself, not the kind you get from an employer) don't have to:

      End yearly limits on coverage
      Cover you if you have a pre-existing health condition

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Oct 31, 2013 1:23 PM Flag

      It is being fixed. Simple case of giving the job to the low bidder, then not specifying hard requirements for stress testing.

      At least they picked a cute chick for us to stare at while the cursor spins.

    • I have already signed up for insurance in Nevada, and it couldn't have been easier. Someone from the Nevada Coop called the next day to see if I had any questions, and to confirm that I would receive an info package in the mail along with the first invoice. I can arrange for them to bill my credit card monthly, and so I will then get frequent flyer miles to boot. I elected the bronze plan, which provides the same deductible I currently have, and I save $1600 per month in premiums for myself and wife as compared with my current insurance.

      Nevada had set up its own web site.

    • The sites that are working are in states with Democratic governors. It's the Republican governors who tried to sabotage Obamacare by ignoring the law.
      The plans that were cancelled are substandard plans that the insurance companies WANTED to keep because they pay out very little.

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