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  • infinitidrivr infinitidrivr Nov 6, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

    Canada health care has high approval ratings

    among Canadians. Google search multiple times and you will find this is accurate. Do some fact checking vs. listening to Rush, Fox News, Beck, etc. They get rich off your ignorance and prejudice. While you are at it, check their lies and credibility via google search. It is Ok to have an opinion supported by evidence but the public is just....GULLIBLE! These people say anything and you teapartiers just lap it up.....remember Jesus, Freedom, guns, drill and pollute. God bless America! What form of Yiddish did that snake speak(Genesis)?

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    • You keep telling yourself that. As for me, I live in the Coachella Valley of Southern California. Think Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, etc. The population of this valley increases by 35% between November and May of each year. These are the so-called snowbirds who come here from just about every northern state plus numerous Canadian provinces. The number of Canadian province license plates seen on the roads is near staggering.

      The end result of all these Canadians is that our hospital population nearly DOUBLES every tourist season. I do volunteer work at the largest of these hospitals. Guess who is filling all of the beds that are unoccupied during the off season??? They are filled with Canadians who cannot handle the long waits for treatment back in Canada. They make no secret of how much they LOVE American health care.

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      • Canadians in Palm Springs in the winter? Likely, they are wealthy and have that sort of bias. If a poor person can't afford care, their options? If the Canadians have long waits, they can build a few more hospitals, train staff. There is plenty of wealth there. Don't they have a conservative Prime Minister? He wouldn't be undermining the health system by restricting the budget for care for ideological reasons would he?

      • What's the population of the valley? How many added during nov and may? What's the total population of canada? What's long to someone who lives life like it's a long ny minute and can afford to pay to get immediate attention? How many hours does the average canadian have to work to pay for quicker treatment? How many hours do your snowbirds have to work?

        Things are relative, and the perspective of value changes from person to person. A doubling of hospital population off a 35% increase in general pop? I guess you get a lot of the old and infirm, less than norm of the young and healthy. Your hospital pop canadians, i wonder if they'd even be able to get coverage in the US.

    • 13% sales tax pays for it!

    • Always remember living in America you have the right to leave the country anytime you want for good. We have a ton of Canadians living down here in Florida and most complain about the long wait to get any services. Many times up to a year. Just over the boarder many go to get fast care and operations. I agree, the public is gullible and that's how we get the Carters, Clinton's and best of all the Obama's.

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      • Canadians live in Florida during the winter because it maybe warmer? There are political conservatives that will stretch any evidence to make political points.

      • I suppose your choice is Bush who brought the world economy to brink of collapse and the job loss 800,000 per month. How about 20+ millions of jobs created by Clinton? You need more? close to 4 million jobs created under Obama government plus stock market is going through the roof, saving billions per month due to ending wars (war spending mainly kills civilians and destroys infrastructure whereas the same spending on domestic programs would have built American citizens' wealth) . Don't be one sided ignorant. You will like what President Reagan said "facts are stupid things"

    • Let me recount a couple of my experiences with the "wonderful" US health care system.

      I live in NORCAL and a few years ago I tried early retirement for a while. I signed up for an individual plan with AETNA. I had no pre existing conditions, took no prescriptions, had not been to a doctor in years. After 4 months and despite no claims, I was hit with a 25% rate increase. Fired AETNA, went to Anthem (Blue Cross/Blue Shield0, got another major rate increase after a few months, with no claims.

      Went back to work and developed a painful condition that made it difficult to walk. After 6 months, 4 doctors, plenty of expensive tests, and 6 different diagnoses they finally figured out what was wrong with me, I was having a reaction to a drug my primary care doctor had prescribed and not tested for.

      Our health care system is badly broken. Health care premiums for a family of four went up 120% during 2000-2009 and were expected to rise another 120%+ this decade. If that happens, annual premiums for a family of four will be around $40,000. Few employers will carry that cost and many families will not be able to afford insurance.

      Another thing I found out was that the AMA and American Medical Colleges froze enrollments from 1982-2002, while the U.S. population increased by 70 million. Who did that benefit?

      The health care industry loaded the pockets of many of our leaders during the Obamacare debate.

      For those fighting tooth and nail to kill Obamacare, do you have any real ideas to prevent the health care industry from destroying this country or are you just lackeys of the dysfunctional system?

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