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  • craiagwalrath craiagwalrath Nov 7, 2013 6:50 PM Flag

    Hating Poor People


    The hatred for poor people displayed by some on this board really disgusts me. Did you guys get beat up by poor kids when you were younger?? The notion that poor people are destroying this country is fiction. It is the inability of most workers to get a just wage that is hurting this country. The rich get richer. Everyone else tries to get by with less and less.

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    • Many fat lazy simple minded americans perform their hero worship of the rich on these message boards. They are unable to understand that wealthy americans like Romney pay a lower percentage of their income in tax than they do. These same undereducated wealth worshiper's are unconcerned about corporate welfare in the billions. They concern themselves with attacking the poor who wish to feed themself. This is why they attack your nations food stamp program. (:-o}

    • As usual you are distorting the truth. But I'll give you a chance to back your self up as it should be rather easy. Past a quote from someone's post here where they said they hated the poor. The fact is you cannot find one and as usual you are making thing up. Go ahead, reply to my post with a past of someone saying they hate the poor.

      Assuming it doesn't count because an assumption in your head and means nothing. Deal with facts. Paste it. I'm sure you can't because it was never said.

    • Has nothing to do with poor people just LAZY people and our current government's complacency with them.

    • I disagree craiag,
      Down the street from me is a GIANT orange billboard with GIANT black letters and a picture of some punk kid. The message reads "35% of students drop out of school, they need your help".

      So these kids and their idiot liberal parents who enable them to be losers, end up on welfare or flipping burgers. Now, when I leave work to get lunch you want me to spend $10 for a big mac (instead of $5) so that some high school drop out with no skills can support his girlfriend and 3 illegitimate kids (each of which has the same future as their idiot parents)?

      I absolutely HATE you craiag. YOU are destroying this country.

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      • It's a well established principle in biology that an individual will provide altruistic support for those with a high coefficient of genetic similarity. The result is a desire to support those in the community that are less fortunate. On the other had, people will not work for what they can get for free, and will willingly destroy their beneficiary.

        The result of these two incompatible objectives is disagreement, as evidenced by this message board.

      • "Now, when I leave work to get lunch you want me to spend $10 for a big mac (instead of $5)..."

        Nahh, Craig wouldn't want you to do that, spend your whole day's pay (or your boss's 1 minute pay) on someone else. Someone you probably got tossed from a job 'cause you work a lot cheaper. Not as good but a lot cheaper.

        Don't pick on the libs, especially over education. They're a lot more educated than you are and wouldn't sell their souls for a grain of rice handed out by your masters. Their kids, you couldn't even come close to comparing your own to theirs, you and yours are the lowest on the ladder, and will continue to be.

        Pickle's a good handle for you. ROTFLMFAO!!!

    • well, yes, the rich have done exceptionally well under this President and the Fed...They've pocked most of the stock gains, etc...So, who's O helping? He's going the wrong way....As for people hating the poor, well, you might be getting a bit melodramatic...I don't think people hate the poor...I'd imagine most would like to help them - the question is HOW...Give em' a fish?...or teach em' to fish? We need lots more jobs, and things like Ocare suppress job growth...and all new regs limit growth...I think if govt got smaller and stayed out of trying to have so many prgms, etc and get their "jack boot" off the necks of business, maybe more jobs would come? Give an incentive to businesses to locate here, rather than go overseas - I'd decree that business pay ZERO taxes here...they employ people...that's enough for me!~...this may not sound like a conservative, but heck, I'm for telling China to shove it....I'd rather have more things made here, even if it's costlier...and have our own 'internal consumption' China is turning to, as well...i.e. I'm not a big WTO / globalization fan...but I like free/fair trade...just make individual pacts with other FRIENDLY nations, to trade with...and let Russia / China #$%$ off....

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      • concerning jobs: China and other Asian countries have a massive cost advantage (personnel are cheap!). So, I've always felt that we could get some of that advantage back if corporations and small businesses paid ZERO corportate tax. So, where's the revenue come from, to the govt? From job creation...If you can get more businesses to come here / stay here, and hire people...then those people pay taxes...and I'd be very happy to see jobs available for anyone who desires to work...i.e. some say we may actually lose a generation of young people if they remain unemployed too long....Studies show that people need to start careers early in life to have a decent life...If they lose 4-5-10 years early on...or work in lousy, part time jobs...floating around ...well, supposedly that's not a good scenario for the young...Will they lower the corporate tax to zero?...heck no -

    • Wait! I have done some research (imagine that!) and I find it is not the REAL poor person that people hate but rather the "taker" mentality of those who lack any sense of responsibility and are too lazy to contribute.
      AND then there is a government who markets victimization and actively solicits more and more "takers" to increase dependency on government and increase it's voter base. Yes, I can understand the frustration and disdain on the part of those that GET IT and see an America (still the most philanthropic land of opportunity, for ALL...even the poor) that is in a state of decline that will soon take opportunity and hope from those who need it the most......the poor.

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      • Everyone should work. If they aren't working in the private sector, let them work for the 21st Century WPA. Why not? Business wants to cherry pick their employees, privatize the best ones, socialize the losers to the taxpayers. Minimum wage beats the $800 per month temporary unemployment compensation. Business is on the gravy train.

        What people don't realize: population growth globally has been in the billions over several decades; manufacturing and agricultural efficiency over a few decades has increased astronomically. What sum of this is there are billions unemployed and in poverty amidst of those few with enormous wealth. But as long as the rich can demonize the have nots, unions and foreigners, the rich control.

      • Ok fraud let's examine your argument. Who has a taker mentality?? The person working 40 hours a week for minimum wage or the guy who inherited millions of dollars and thinks he's better than others even though he does nothing.

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