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  • wikidavis wikidavis Nov 8, 2013 12:19 PM Flag

    Hating the "poor" 1.1

    "Wait! I have done some research (imagine that!) and I find it is not the TRULY poor person that people hate but rather the growing number of "takers". Those that contribute nothing. The mentality of those who lack any sense of responsibility and are too lazy, or find it too 'profitable' to contribute.
    AND then there is our government that markets victimization and actively solicits more and more "takers" to increase dependency on government and increase it's voter base. Yes, I can understand the frustration and disdain on the part of those that GET IT. They see an America (still the most philanthropic land of opportunity, for ALL...including the poor) that is in a rapid state of decline, that will soon take opportunity and hope from those who need it the most......the poor". ---craigwalrath337----

    This makes too much sense to be from THE walrat.

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    • You talk about not hating the poor and then show how much you hate the poor. The folks who lack any responsibility are people who inherited their wealth and never had to work for it..
      The decline in America is a result of folks having to work minimum wage jobs and remaining in poverty no matter how hard they work. The decline in America stems from middle class folks unable to get ahead because wages don't rise.
      You're a sycophant for the corporate elite. And anyone who stands up to your evil on this site gets censored by Yahoo.

    • Our immediate problem isn't the poor. The poor in the US have smart phones, new clothes, automobiles to drive, a place to live, and they eat well. This is highly contrasted with the situation in places like Africa where people often have no place to live and nothing to eat. We don’t have any poor people once they are here because our social umbrella makes sure that they have the basics and more if they make the effort to go ask for them and they usually do.

      Our problem is that the Obama Administration wants to import more poor people because they vote Democrat and that is because the Democrats buy their votes with freebies and this in turn gives him more power to do as he pleases. These illegal immigrants would be morons not to vote for Democrats given the circumstances. So they aren't the morons. The morons are the people who are not poor who vote for the Democrats which results in more people getting added to our social umbrella causing the amount of money that each person gets to be diluted and for the taxes of the people who are not poor to increase as these new comers get political power and demand more freebies. Thus our biggest problem is not with the poor. It is with the people who are voting for the Democrats who are letting more poor people cross our borders so they can get more political power.

      It is almost like sedition when you think about it because they will screw the rest of us over in order to obtain more power at a cost to us. All they care about is themselves and how to get more votes. It doesn't matter to them how they go about getting more votes as long as they get them.

    • And this has to do with AGNC how????

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