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  • 65% ARMs, 26% divy. Less loss of equity.

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    • that's interesting...i.e. if people feel that mort. rates will rise (on tapering), looks like a decent / interesting stock, in a sector of scary stocks. But I came in here to 'blah blah' a bit seems as if we're in some sort of Central Bank "inflate or die" landscape...And given what I read about the concerns over 'disinflation' in the EU, falling prices in some areas...well, I just have to wonder if Yellen could ever be "pushed" to yield to the QE detractors, and actually take her foot off the QE pedal - my guess is that she'd not do that, even tho 'everyone' is saying that a taper is coming soon. So, me? I guess it's a wait-and-see thing...but I'd guess that if taper ever started and 'went to completion', then we might see a pretty good slowdown in the markets, economy? But part of me thinks that Yellen and politicians cannot take that chance, and let this propped up 'house of cards' fall...and hit the markets, pension funds, etc....We could wind up right back in 2008. I'm not looking for a 'fight' in here...I mean, I haven't seen stuff like this in history, except that maybe the 1930's parallels it a bit?...I'm just 'sitting and starring' at how all this unfolds.....I can be clearer, once things happen....hahaha...Generally, I have a decent guess about the future - but my crystal ball is cloudy...About all I keep boiling it all down to is "inflate or die"...and work foreward from there, deciding on possible outcomes....You have any ideas how all this 'artificial stuff" ends?? and when? One PhD economist friend of mine says he's looking for a 2014-15 recession, but admits that he's in the distinct minority, in his views...and worries about his holding those views...END

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      • that MFA 'payout ratio' is over 200% who knows -

      • If you want to be in an mREIT, best to be in one that won't get hammered as much by rising rates because they are mostly into ARMs. However, I think the reported 26% divy is higher than normal because they had a special divy. They also pay dividends at inconsistent times, not exactly on quarters. Note that their stock price has not declined as much as AGNC's. I found them by looking at the holdings list for REM which also has suffered less of a stock price decline so I wanted to know why. I looked at the charts for many of their holdings and some even went up but I did not investigate why yet in all cases, just this one.

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