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  • nickspinner Jan 14, 2014 2:14 PM Flag

    What's with the ultra-leftist tilt of most on the Yahoo boards?

    Is Marissa Mayer an effing worthless envy-driven parasitic foaming-at-the-mouth Maoist pile of steaming horse dung TOO???

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    • Hey Nick; The folks here are by definition capitalists and therefore right wing.
      That you see them as "extreme leftists" means that your perception of the political spectrum is wildly out of whack.
      Therefore, you have defined yourself as an extremist, right wing whacko!

    • nickspinner why don't you tell how you really feel about the women??? Perhaps you are just jealous of a women who at 38 is the CEO of a large Corp. While she may be left of you (who isn't) to call any CEO in America of a large Corp. a Maoist is to show how shallow you are. Do you think the Board of Yahoo are all Maoist as well if not how did she get the job? Perhaps ability?

      I Have watched ads for the last year now on Yahoo saying how Obama will be destroyed by "this" scandal or various other pure right wing political ads. If Yahoo is so Maoist instead of Capitalist why would they "sell out" for money? Frankly I think they post ads that should be right up there with Alien sightings in The Inquirer.
      Clearly Yahoo ad space is for sale to all with or without facts. The Why Was This Video Banned ad comes in various ways but all lead to the same Capitalist selling attempt and again Yahoo has no problem with this ad as long as it is paid for.

      Newspapers will prove the last place to get fact filled ads in the local area and the politics will be easy to tell from the Ad's section.

      Yahoo is nothing more than a living billboard that furnishes both good and bad products some for money others to attract customers for the paying ads. No Maoist on board and running Yahoo.

    • What you call "ultra-leftist" is basically the beliefs of Founding Fathers such as Thomas Jefferson (like that left-wing Declaration of Independence) and James Madison (the Constitution). Don't forget the influence of that liberal Jesus.

      You are consumed with hate. Too bad you weren't born in 1920's Germany. You would have made an ideal #$%$

    • left or right it seems many large caps completely dismiss the stock and have some sort of bizarre free-for-all unrelated totally to the mb equity - in general the higher the market cap the lower the relevant content - notice stocks under $10 stick to the subject

    • Dumb Baggers are Putting the fun back in dysfunctional.

    • only on the MBs
      Go to the yahoo finance articles and read the comments.
      Plenty on the right there.

    • Go to the Nti board. The tea party is in full swing there with only my posts for sanity.

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jan 14, 2014 4:08 PM Flag

      You're so far right you think the least little bit of humanism is pure marxism.

      Find another planet before you fall off the edge of this one.

      • 2 Replies to yourbestfriendintheworld
      • There is nothing wrong with humanism. But it should not be forced upon people with a totalitarian like authority. I think you will find that most of the largest contributors to humanitarian causes are conservatives simply because more of them have the money to contribute in the first place.

        If it was only about humanism then most people would not be as passionate as they are about it if they could not get what they wanted. This is clearly demonstrated by the much lesser degree that people are passionate about people in other countries as they are about people here in the US. That is because here in the US the passions are about how local recipients are impacted, not by others many 1000’s of miles away. If it was truly an issue of humanism alone then it would not make a difference who the recipients were obviously since the need is even greater outside the US. So if you said that all the money for social programs had to go to others outside the country then you would find that the passionate support of people here in the US would die down to almost nothing. Thus the humanism argument has little merit. It is not about humanism at all. It is about the redistribution of wealth. That’s all. And the recipients of those redistributions would not want to share any portion of their take with others outside the country I can assure you of that. Because they aren’t thinking of helping others, they are thinking about themselves.

        You can try to frame it in a way that makes it look more palatable for people to give into the ideology but the fact is that none of these analogies are actually true once you put them to a logical test. They fail every time.

        The real issue is how far does it go. At what point do you break the economy by creating a financial cost that makes it so hard to compete with other countries that we start on a downward spiral like Greece.

      • nickspinner Jan 14, 2014 6:12 PM Flag

        I equate "humanism" with individual liberty, voluntarism, personal responsibility, free markets, and entrepreneurship, while you appear to equate the term with collectivism, statism, central planning, coercion, tyranny, and totalitariansm -- in short, The Cult of the Omnipotent State.

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