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  • herexhear herexhear Jan 14, 2014 10:14 PM Flag

    Out of the wilderness

    Couple years ago, I stood alone against dozens of nickspinners. It was bad.

    They saturated the board with ludicrous tea party slogans. I was the only one here to provide a counterbalance. I was outnumbered, so that each TPer could post with low frequency, but together it amounted to a 24-7 barrage. In trying to sustain a response to the non-stop carpet bombing, the TPers posted at will while objecting to the frequency of my posts. Moderates like ray85 took their side and moved to ostracize me, after which the TPers continued to post their toxic memes uncountered.

    Thank you craig. thank you yahu.

    I dont need to post so much these days.

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    • Can't say that I remember the details of that time, but normally I try to "take the side" of the argument that seems right to me, not the argument of any particular political party. Occasionally, that has even been the conservatives on these boards. In fact, I would regard myself as fiscally conservative, but I don't want to be confused with the TPer's on this board - like Nickspinner - who seem to have lots of strong opinions, but few facts .... and what few "facts" they purport to have are usually incorrect. It's pretty easy to tell who is going to waste your time; it'll be the ones whose posts are littered with "moron" and "communist" and the like.

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      • Nothing wrong with being fiscally conservative, but one of our failings as a generation is that the best among us somehow allowed themselves to believe that Reds are fiscally conservative.

        A looter who does not want his intended victim to spend anything before the looting spree is also "fiscally conservative"

        We came within a few percentage points of electing someone who had a campaign promise to dismantle American society to its footers. Just a few points.

    • I won't know. I wasn't reading this board a couple of years ago. But I'm glad to hear that they kept you on your toes.

    • Carry on Montesquieu.

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