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  • herexhear herexhear Jan 28, 2014 9:01 AM Flag

    And you thought free government college money was bad


    Just wanted to drop a note for all you ~well meaning conservatives out there.

    Right now, it steams you that underserving kids are given Federal grants and loans to study what you think is basketweaving and saving spotted owls.

    Just wanted to let you know that on top of all that, you paid or are paying higher tuition than you need to, just so the socialist colleges can redistribute your dad's wealth and give out scholarships to undeserving, pampered, supposedly poor socialist kids with their free obamaphones.

    Its a cruel world for conservatives isnt it?

    In fact, in order for you to feel that everything is in good order, your'll need to do nothing less than demolish modern liberal democracies to their roots and reestablish somethig like the old Confederacy or the Caribbean sugar plantations or France circa 1750 Or best of all, the pre-revolutionary Russian Czars before things are made right in your eyes.

    Got a long way to go, conservatives. The way things are, you can hardly even exploit a poor young lady in her quest to find money for her grandmother's operation. But you are making progress, look at all the SD sites you can join, and all those wives from poor countries you can shop.

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    • kidshelleen51 Jan 30, 2014 11:24 AM Flag

      Your brain is so fried, perhaps on crystal meth, that no attempt at reason and logic could get through that spam like slop you call a brain. There is no such thing as a modern liberal democracy, there never has been.This country was founded by men that knew the dangers of government power and understood the values of individual freedom and believed in what individuals, with a firm belief in God and unencumbered by government, could accomplish. Unfortunately, by infiltrating the schools system and turning young American minds into mush, Khrushchev got his wish and has buried us with idiots like you.

    • Did you really think that person was really sick. You believe the Obama's Song and Dance Act. I am from Chicago, almost 99.999% of anything he shows, quotes or claims to have happened, NEVER HAPPENED, it is fantasy, made up, to sway public opinion. Look at his history of facts..........99.999999999999%, it is almost 100%, not kidding either, a conservative would be ashamed of a record like this, but liberals pat themselves on the back saying what a great job they have done, like Obamacare........or Creating Jobs.......or pulling all the troops out of the middle-east in 6 months (campaign) promise if elected. There is a website, with all the propositions and the actual results delivered.

    • Interesting discussion; but:

    • These attractive foreign mail order brides are for poor people. But once they get over here they dump the guy who paid to get them to come to the US at the first chance and upgrade to someone with money once they find him.

      If you want to see how women really think but will never admit then take out two adds on Yahoo personals with different user IDs. In the first add say that you are a nice guy and eager to please your woman, describe your likes and dislikes and your personality in detail but state that you have a modest income and that looks don't matter to you. In the second add say that you are very wealthy with multiple homes around the world and have a private jet and that you want a very attractive women and don't say much more about how you treat women and what you are like. Now see which add gets all the hits.

      Guys are no different. Have a billionaire charismatic bombshell start acting like she is in love with some guy that is completely out of her league and he will convince himself that he is in love with her even if she is heartless and inconsiderate.

      People are nothing like what they pretend to be. It's all a game of pretending to not be what you truly are. In most cases they even lie to themselves because it is the only way they can feel good about being not what they pretend to be. Most of the people who come off as being really upstanding people are just better and framing their image to others.

      Personally I just accept this and make not contentions about it. It doesn’t matter to me. I personally don’t put on a face for others. What you see is what you get.

      I mean really. I talk to Democrats all the time who think they are above most and then down load media illegally off the internet so they don’t have to pay the people who made it and it never connects that they are actually the dregs. They actually think they are good people.

      Sorry dude, but reality sux.

    • Very Very True Hex, At least someone on this site can face reality. Good Luck.

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