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  • herexhear herexhear Jan 30, 2014 8:32 PM Flag

    Tea Party nightmare


    All the Republicans you voted in to stop illegal aliens?

    They are huddling now to legalize illegals in order to pander to the people you slur, slander and despise.

    Its tough being a TPer, isnt it?

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    • My understanding is that the Republican bill only gives citizenship to the children of the people who were brought here by their parents but were born outside the country as long as they earn a college degree or serve in the military, one of the two. The parents themselves keep their illegal status.

      It also calls for mandatory work place verification, which I assume is E-Verify, which pretty much guarantees that anyone who is not mowing lawns or doing odd jobs for cash will have to self deport because they will not be able to find work anymore.

      From what I can tell this is a fair compromise. It sends some low skilled workers home opening up positions for the unemployed here in the US and it motivates these younger illegals to get skills so that they can do the jobs that will be available in the future. And it allows the people who were brought here by their parents though no fault of their own and only understand life here in the US to get out of a predicament that they did not create themselves. That is fair. You can't blame them for being in this situation. It is their parents that caused it. And it does not reward the people who broke the law in the first place and thus creating this whole mess in their first place, a mess that most of us don't appreciate.

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      • Keep in mind that a lot of jobs are opening up in Mexico. At their current growth rate, Mexican auto exports will eventually exceed Japan's auto exports. These jobs did not exit 20 years ago. So there is now opportunity in Mexico. It is not like it was before. The job market is getting better in Mexico and it is one reason some have returned because they can get work there.

        It used to be that the Mexican laborer in Mexico was perceived as being of low quality and low motivation. That perception has changed as work standards have improved. Expectations placed on workers have risen and the work force has adopted them. Thus the quality of the work force in Mexico is much better than it used to be say 20 years ago. This is causing more US companies to consider opening operation in Mexico as they now perceive the Mexican laborer as being an acceptable alternative to China.

        As this evolution progresses through time there will be less pressure for people to want to come to the US illegally and more motivation for illegal people already here to self deport back to Mexico. So as you can see the problem is already being solved by naturally occurring means making any additional government measures unnecessary.

    • One of my best friends is a Mexican immigrant and he is a Republican. He used to do a lot of remodeling work but does less of that now and currently he mostly races horses for a living and now makes more than me this last year though it has its ups and downs. He recently paid $60k for a race horse and it went lame so it was a total loss. He now keeps it as a pet on his ranch in Texas where he spends about half of his time now days. Last year he made $600k racing horses here in the LA area. He received amnesty under Reagan. His wife's sister is my maid.

      I guess you might call him a Tea Party conservative. He doesn't want the illegals to be legalized because he thinks the low end jobs market is flooded with too many illegals and it is hurting everyone, both Hispanic and white people who work at these jobs. He does not despise them. They are all suffering from oversupply of labor. Of course the people hiring them would love to see them all become legal so they can force them to compete tooth and nail for the lowest possible wage. It's people like you who support these policies that create these conditions that causes these people to go deeper and deeper into a state of economic despair. You think you are doing the right thing but that is only if you completely ignore the consequences of your actions. But then Democrats never let reality get in the way of their ideology. As it seems that it does not matter what really happens as only good intensions are what matters even if they create economic havoc and increased poverty over all. Yes you mean well but it doesn't matter because in the end you do more harm than good.

      He still does remodeling work so he can help keep his friends employed. Right now he is managing the remodel of my main bathroom. He called me the other day and said he would like to find some work for some of this buds and I told him that I needed my bathroom remodeled and that it would be a good time. I got a good price.

    • So do the tea party republicans control the senate and house in order to pass this law????

      if not, then how do they legalize the illegals as you put it???

    • kidshelleen51 Jan 31, 2014 7:25 AM Flag

      You must live in a cave because you are incredibly stupid. The hate, slurs, slander and lies that pour out of the Democratic Party are overwhelming, yet in your stupidity you utter nonsense about the Tea Party. Only a raving moron could ignore the hatred espoused by Pelosi, Reid, Obama and all those fools at MSNBC, and then turn around and call Republican haters. You really need to get an education and should go write a blog somewhere other than this board. You are now on Ignore, you pathetic mindless little fool

    • The position of the Republicans has always been to exploit cheap illegal immigrant labor while posing as being tough. Noe there are enough citizens who know illegals that the pressure is building to do something meaningful but it's still could fall apart.

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      • If we are talking about the US__you do realize these boards are not yahoo US specific??__then the US had always welcomed immigrants. Immigrant populations either became main stream or joined immigrant gangs. For many decades immigrant classes that chose to achieve a mainstream blending lifestyle__out numbered the gang(s). Now we have a 3? decade growing population of ethnic influence that do not seek to prioritize assimilation with (our aged) societal mainstream.

        Your postings display a lack of historical knowledge for the Louis/Gompers etc. unionization movements. Many of the “Labor Laws” and ‘race correction laws’ that passed through ‘Congress’ would not have come to fruition without ‘old schooled conservatives’. The reality is those ‘ old schooled conservatives__on both side of political party__realized it was in the long term economic interest of the US to try to progress our society towards demographic reality.

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